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How To Get A Charge-Free Local US Phone Number For Google Voice

Google Voice LogoIf you want to use Google Voice, especially outside US, you need to have a local US Phone number. This tutorial describes how to get your own charge-free US phone number from anywhere in the world without spending any money. Once you have an US local phone number, your friends and relatives in the US will be able to dial you from their landline or regular cell phones without paying international rates. The calls can be forwarded to your mobile phone, e.g. your iPhone via Google Voice App, or desktop based VoIP phones.

Note: At the moment, the Google Voice app as iPhone VOIP client can only receive SMS notification outside US. If you want to get your phone calls ringing with Google Voice app you need an iPhone with a local US cell phone number.

Google Voice is able to forward voicemails and SMS messages, too. I’m using Google Voice for forwarding voicemails and SMS messages to my COOKOO watch

Now let’s start together to get your own USA Phone Number:

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  1. Sign-up for a free account with and click ‘Continue’.
  2. CallCentric will send you a confirmation mail to verify your email address: Click on the link in the email to verify your email address.
  3. Fill in your contact information, your city and country code, agree to the terms and conditions and click ‘Sign me up’. You will receive another email with your SIP login #: 1777*******.
  4. CallCentric will now provide you with a virtual tour of their websites. Skip it and choose – ‘Go to My CallCentric’.
  5. The next screen will list your CallCentric # in the format 1777******* (the same number as your SIP login #) – copy that number to the clipboard.
  6. Open a new browser tab and go to to get a Washington state phone number to your IP phone. Set the account type as SIP and paste the CallCentric # from the clipboard into the field that says ‘SIP URI: Username’. The ‘hostname’ is and choose the same email address and password that you used while setting up your CallCentric account. The default area code for your local US phone number is 253, but you may choose a different one from the drop-down. For this example, I took with 425. Inactive accounts will be deactivated after 30 days! However, if you just need your account to activate Google Voice for SMS Text messages notifications, you do not have to mind. Within a minute, you should get an email from with your new local phone number. Keep the email handy as you’ll need it while configuring the SIP client.
  7. Now you have to activate your US phone number: Download and install X-Lite on your computer. It is a free version running either on Windows 8 / 8.1 Preview or on Mac OS X 10.8.4, you need not to sign-in anywhere!
  8. After installation go to ‘Account Settings’ and fill-in ‘User ID’ (1777*******), ‘Domain’ (, ‘Password’ (your callcentric password), ‘Display Name’ (your callcentric name) and ‘Authorization name’ (1777*******) and click on ‘OK’.
  9. Once the setup is complete, go back to your My CallCentric page and refresh it or log in again. You should see a notification saying: “1 Extension registered”.  Click on ‘View/Modify Extensions’ and you will see your CallCentric number and a notification “Your phone is registered”. Perfectly done!

That’s all! The next step to use Google Voice outside US is to sign-in to Google Voice within 30 days (Activation period of your local US IPKall number!). Coming soon here on!

Stay Tuned! ;-)


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  1. Victor
    Victor says:

    Hi, please what other working method can one who stays outside the usa use to get a working google voice account because call centric does not seem to work any longer. I have also tried other VOIP and SIP Apps but none of them were able to give me a working usa number i could use to activate my google voice account. Please Reply Thanks


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