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Update: How To Sync Google Calendar With Windows 10 Calendar App
Windows 8 logoSome months ago I describe a solution how to set up iCloud Calendar in Windows 8 Mail App as a ‘read-only’ possibility. Setting up the Google Gmail calendar in Windows 8 calendar app works in the same way: The solution is to subscribe to your own Google Gmail calendar in your or Windows Live account. With that you can partly bypass the restriction that Google stopped supporting Microsoft Exchange Active Sync protocol.

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Windows 8 logoI’ve already reported about issues concerning syncing Google mail / Gmail, Google contacts and Google calendar with Windows 8 apps like mail, contacts and calendar. On the one hand it was a little bit tricky to get things running (Syncing Google Gmail mail and contacts works. The later only for customers who connected their Google Gmail account to windows 8 before January 30, 2013), on the other hand it is just not possible because Google stopped Microsoft Exchange Active Sync support for their products.

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Shairport4w iconThere are a lot of different Airplay apps for Mac and Windows PC. I tested Reflector App 1.5.4 on Mac OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion and Reflector 1.2.3 on Windows 8 Pro, AirServer 1.1.2, AirParrot 1.1.3 and Airfoil 3.3.2 on Windows 8 Pro.

Further more, I’ve already reported about a small, but capable app called ‘Shairport4w’. Now Frank Friemel released Shairport4w version on March 5th, 2013.

COOKOO watch iconI must admit I’ve got a déjà vu with the smart watch COOKOO like I had got with the first iPad presented by Steve Jobs on January 27th 2010: Could anyone please explain to me why I should need an iPad? Till the very beginning of the year 2011 I couldn’t understand… And it was the same to me when I heard the very first time about a smart watch or iWatch for iPhone or iPad. But after less than half a week of testing my first smart watch / iWatch named COOKOO I’m completely convinced about that new product category! I will show you my findings in the following. icon big 1 icon big 1Since February 7, 2013, I’ve been a lucky MacBook Pro owner! I was absolutely fed up with the underperformance of my Windows PC, an Acer Aspire 1810T running on Windows 8. I gave this Windows PC a last chance: I installed Windows 8 in the hope of a better performance, but I was absolutely disappointed!