FreeFileSync iconI was looking for an alternative to Synctoy for my private cloud / iCloud. I switch my NAS from a Western Digital My Book Live to an Apple Time Capsule. Therefore, I was looking for a folder syncing app witch is running both on Windows 8 (Acer Aspire 1810T) and OS X 10.8.3 Mountain Lion (MacBook Pro). Further more, I’ve been seeking for an more comfortable app than Synctoy is, especially regarding a convenient automated time schedule batch for syncing. In addition, the app should have a bidirectional sync.

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Google Gmail LogoSyncing Gmail Google calendar with Windows 8 is still an dissatisfactory issue. I’ve already posted about a troubleshooting syncing Google calendar with Outlook via third party apps. Just now, I found a free Windows 8 app called ‘Gmail calendar‘ (Windows Store Link) which was intendedly programmed to get the syncing Google calendar with an Windows 8 tile app resolved.

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MacBook Pro iconUpgrading RAM memory of a MacBook Pro up to the ‘mid 2012’ models is really simple! You can upgrade up to 16 GB of memory without any big issues if you got an Intel i5 or i7 processor.

As I’ve already posted, I’ve been a lucky ‘MacBook Pro’ owner since February 7, 2013! I decided to buy the predecessor one and not the new retina one. Recently, Apple reduced the prices of all MacBook Pro types with retina display.

Update: The Best File Manager And FTP Apps for iPhone And iPad (Review)
Documents By Readdle FTPIn July 2012 I reviewed 9 FTP clients for iPhone and iPad. The best FTP – NAS ‘Private iCloud’ app was definitely the File Explorer app, followed by iStorage HD (iPad) / iStorage (iPhone). The later ones got too many crashes. But the successors, iStorage 2 HD (iPad) and iStorage (iPhone), perform better now.

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Update: Google Calendar Sync Alternatives For Outlook
Google Gmail LogoAs you well know, Google stopped Support for Microsoft Exchange Active Sync, effective January 30, 2013. I have already posted about a solution to get a Google calendar synced on Windows 8, using the app ‘Google Calendar Sync’. But it is not possible to get multiple calendars synced.

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Google Gmail LogoMost of you who would like to sync Google Gmail calendar with windows 8 are annoyed  because Google stopped supporting Microsoft Exchange Active Sync protocol. Some days ago I described a possibility to get at least a ‘read only’ syncing back to Windows 8 calendar app. But theres is still a work around to get your Google Gmail calendar really synced in both directions with Windows 8!