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Update: Fixing Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Gmail Bug In Mail App
Google Gmail LogoApple released Mavericks Mac OS X 10.9.2 update (security release note) on February 25, 2014. Beside other several improvements and additional features like making and receiving FaceTime audio calls, it mainly should enhance the performance of the native OS X mail app.

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Update: PlexConnect Running On Apple TV 6.2 Update
Update: OpenPlex App Installs And Manages PlexConnect on Mac OS X
Update: PlexConnect Running on Apple TV 7.0 Beta 1 And Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite
Update: PlexConnect Running On Apple TV 6.1.1 Update
Update: Plex On Apple TV Without PlexConnect Or Jailbreak via AirPlay
Update: PlexConnect Running On Apple TV 6.1 Update
Plex LogoOn February 21, 2014, Apple released the second Apple TV 6.0.2 (6646.81.1) software update. The first Apple TV 6.0.2 Update (6646.81.1) was released on November 23, 2013. It is very interesting that Apple did neither change the software version to 6.0.3 nor the detailed version from 6646.81.1 to 6646.82.1. PlexConnect is still running on Apple TV 6.0.2 (2nd and 3rd generation). I tested it right now and I can confirm it for my Acer Aspire 1810T running on Windows 8.1 Pro and my MacBook Pro 13” (Mid 2012) running on Mavericks. There was no need to change anything in the set up of  PlexConnect.

PhotoSync logo newPhotoSync 2.1, to date still in beta version, will likely include transfer of photos and videos from and to Android devices, a new design, performance improvements, 5 more languages and bug fixes.

PhotoSync is a versatile photo and video syncing app. You can use it with the most common cloud services and for your private cloud / iCloud (for details see my review on PhotoSync 2.0). In addition, PhotoSync transfers also your photos and videos to a Windows PC or a Mac.

PhotoSync logo newPhotoSync for Android Devices is most likely coming! The makers of PhotoSync for iOS, touchbyte GmbH, are obviously working on PhotoSync for Android devices.  Web pages of the new PhotoSync for Android domain are showing this in detail. The website seems to be still under construction.

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Update: Windows Phone 8.1: Setting Up iCloud Email, Calendars And Contacts
Windows Phone logoSome people like me want to sync the Windows Phone 8 Calendar with Mac iCal. There are two options for Syncing: On the one hand, you can sync the calendars using CalDAV via a Google account both on your Windows Phone 8 (does not work for Windows Phone 7 because CalDAV is not supported there) and on your Mac. On the other hand, you can do it via a iCloud calendar subscription using a account (or Windows Live account). The later one is ‘read only’ on your Windows Phone 8 meaning you cannot change or add events on your Windows Phone 8 (Windows Phone 7 is supported).

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iTunes_11_iconI have already posted how to fix iTunes 11.1.4 Windows installation crashes on Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8 And 8.1. Now Apple reacted and released a detailed support document ‘iTunes 11.1.4 for Windows: Unable to install or open‘. Like I do, Apple recommends to make a complete de-installation and re-install iTunes 11.1.4 with administrator privileges. Apple states that this installation problem can occur if the iTunes installer has insufficient privileges to cleanly update iTunes. However, if you do not succeed in iTunes 11.1.4 Windows installations anyway, I suggest to check one of the 4 general fixes I collected some months ago.