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How To Fix Apple Watch Auto Unlocking Not Working On Mac

Auto Unlock for Mac with Apple Watch is not working anymore for some users after updating the Apple Watch to the latest main watchOS release, e.g. watchOS 7 and/or the Mac to macOS Big Sur. Auto Unlock feature stopped working on Mac, MacBook…
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How To Fix MacBook Micro-Vibrations While Charging Due To Insufficient Grounding

A lot of MacBook user report a certain voltage phenomenon. The MacBook vibrates when touched. The same happened to me with a MacBook 12'' early 2016) and a MacBook Pro 13'' (early 2020). Plugging in, it feels like current or voltage is going… logo 2015_RGB 1400x1400 square
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8 Years Of Blogging: – Tech.Blog’s 8th Anniversary

Since today, I have been blogging for eight years and this is my 391th post on -Tech.Blog! I published my first blog post "My First Apple Anniversary on January 21st, 2012!" on on January 21st, 2012. Exactly eight years…

7 Years Of Blogging: – Tech.Blog’s 7th Anniversary

Since today, I have been blogging for seven years and this is my 390th post on -Tech.Blog! I published my first blog post "My First Apple Anniversary on January 21st, 2012!" on on January 21st, 2012. Exactly eight years…
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macOS – How To Fix Mail Folders Not Automatically Be Sorted In Alphabetical Order

  macOS Mail folders are often not sorted in alphabetical order by default, especially when new mailbox folders are added to an existing mailbox. Although the mailbox folders are in A to Z order at the mail web access, e.g.,…
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HomeKit: Starting Homebridge On Bootup Via Systemd

Setup Homebridge to start via systemd to automatically restart Homebridge after crashes. After successfully installing Homebridge on Raspberry Pi, it often happens that Homebridge stops running and you have to manually press plugin auto repair…
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How To Fix Raspberry Pi ‘WiFi Country Not Set’

Fix 'WiFi country not set' error on Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+ by adding a country code to the wpa_supplicant.conf file.  Accessing your Raspberry Pi and setting the country code is essential for enabling WiFi on a Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+…
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Harmony Hub: Fixing ‘Starting Channel Not Working’

'Starting channel not working' is a common issue on Logitech Harmony Hub after setting up an activity with a device, especially your TV. You fix  'Starting channel not working' by adding a delay of approx. 3-5 seconds to the starting sequence.…
iOS convert HEIF HEIC to JPG automatically_01_Set up PhotoSync on computer
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iOS: How To Convert HEIF / HEIC To JPG Automatically

Convert HEIF / HEIC photos to JPG format on iOS by using PhotoSync app for converting and transferring complete Photos album folders to your Windows PC, Mac or cloud service. HEIF is a new image format which comes along with a new image container…
HEIF viewer on Windows 10_images with HEIC Extension no preview

How To View HEIF Files With HEIC Extension On Windows 10

For viewing HEIF / HEIC images on Windows 10 you need a HEIF viewer application for resolving the .HEIC extension. Photos captured with an iPhone or iPad running on iOS 11 are saved in the HEIF format. The .HEIC extension format  cannot be…