GoodReader 4 migration assistant step 1: Go to settings and tap on 'Migrate from Goodreader 3'.

GoodReader 4 migration assistant step 1:
Go to settings and tap on
‘Migrate from Goodreader 3’.

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  1. Norm
    Norm says:

    I just downloaded Goodreader 4. Settings does not appear to have a ‘Migrate from Goodreader 3’ line, though I have Gr 3.19.2 on my iPad.

  2. azimannasir
    azimannasir says:

    im using ios8 now and my goodreader is updated to the latest. however i restored ipad to recover my old data, and the current goodreader4 i have does not have the option to Migrate from Goodreader 3, (i have both goodreader 3 (version 3.19.2)and goodreader 4 in my ipad). I dont see an option to update goodreader 3 any more

  3. Charles Carter
    Charles Carter says:

    I had to go to settings in my OLD Goodreader (V3.xx), where a bar similar to that in your illustration offers to migrate to Goodreader 4. No such bar in settings in V4 on my iOS 9 device. I don’t know what old version Goodreader, just that data is said to migrate from Goodreader 3.
    SO, if original instructions above fail/ cannot be carried out, open your old Goodreader, check settings and see if there’s an option to ‘Migrate to Goodreader $4 at the bottom as in the illustration above.

  4. Imma Grobbelaar
    Imma Grobbelaar says:

    I have just updated my iPad with the latest IOS and fir sine or other reason I cannot open my Goidreader 3 now so how do I migrate all my files from GoodReader 3 to GoodReader 4?

    • Robson
      Robson says:

      Same in here, and I get files from many years on GoodReader, it’s ashame that we buy an app and the company who makes it has so few attention to the customers files, what Indeed is the point to sell an app like this.

    • Razak
      Razak says:

      I am in the same boat … I can’t get access to all my files in goodreader 3? anyone have resolved this..appreciate if you could share your experience..thanks

    • Steven
      Steven says:

      Same here. Can no longer access dozens of documents. This happened without warning when I upgraded to a newer iPad.

      • Marcus
        Marcus says:

        It has been a while, I was busy myself, tonight found their reply in an older email.
        The online conrtact form on their website worked.
        I managed to retrieve all docs via their described method with the USB Tool and my old (and now again “updated”) notebook.

        Content in G.R.3 and in G.R.4 are not connected, so AFTER backing up your documents or retrieving your docs from G.R.3, in the way they describe (via their G.R.USB tool or iTunes and a computer/laptop/notebook), you can delete G.R.3, without loosing content in G.R.4.
        So of course: first retrieve your docs out of G.R.3 and drag them again in G.R.4, or back them up somewhere else before finally deleting G.R.3 with it’s (b)locked content.
        Good luck

      • Marcus
        Marcus says:

        It has been a while, I was busy myself, found reply from G.R. customer service in an older email.
        So the online contact form on their website works.

        Content in G.R.3 and in G.R.4 is NOT connected, so AFTER retrieving your docs from G.R.3, and placing it in the new G.R.4, in the way they describe (via the mentioned G.R.USB tool or via iTunes), (or backing them up in another way) you can finally delete G.R.3, without loosing content in G.R.4.
        So first: retrieve all content from your G.R.3 and save it again in G.R.4 or somewhere else, before deleting entire G.R.3 + its (b)locked content.
        AND, make sure you delete G.R.3, and not G.R.4, which I almost did due to tiredness and the similar greenish icon color.
        So double check via green only icon colour and version number that you are deleting version 3
        Because otherwise you can start all over again…

  5. Marie
    Marie says:

    The transfer by ITunes is possible : copy files from GoodReader 3 to desktop and then from desktop to GoodReader 4

    • Jack-0-
      Jack-0- says:

      Already on ios11 before finding that GR3 isn’t working. I tried the usbtransfer tool but i don’t see any files under my account. Is there a trick to it?

      • catrionapotts
        catrionapotts says:

        I downloaded the tool, unzipped it, connected my iPad (with GR3 and GR4 already installed), launched the tool and my files were there (in the folder called My documents). I couldn’t copy them from GR3 to GR4: I copied them to the desktop and then to GR4 (always in My documents). A little time-consuming but effective.

  6. North
    North says:

    Hey, GoodReader makers, why give your users the middle finger? I buy your new app and no file transfer? Refund and find an app created by people who aren’t jerks.

    • duraznita
      duraznita says:

      Agree, hijos de puta!, i just want my documents back, no more goodreader 4, 5 or any other, how many times i am going to do this again? how many times i am going to buy your app?. NO!, i am looking another app.

  7. Paul
    Paul says:

    Catrionapotts…did you the usb you refer to with your computer, or did you somehow transfer the files on the same iPad? Sorry to be thick! Would appreciate your help.

    • catrionapotts
      catrionapotts says:

      You have to use your computer in order to transfer your files on the same iPad (at least I had to). I downloaded the tool, unzipped it, connected my iPad (with GR3 and GR4 already installed), launched the tool and my files were there (in the folder called My documents). I couldn’t copy them from GR3 to GR4: I copied them to the desktop and then to GR4 (always in My documents). A little time-consuming but effective. Hope this helps.

  8. Paul
    Paul says:

    Does it make a difference if one’s iPad is backed up in iCloud…can one down load the contents of Goodreader 3 into Goodreader 4 that way?

  9. Rolo
    Rolo says:

    No problem using the Migration Assistant in GoodReader 3. ‘Arse about face’ process, but it works well. Had to delete the contents of each folder, but not a big issue in my case with just 14 folders. Great storage system.

  10. Esha
    Esha says:

    Can someone tell me how to transfer files from goodreader 3.21 on my iPad to my computer? I downloaded the goodreader usb app on my comp and then connected my ipad with the comp, and started the goodreader usb app. but what I see is the mirror of ipad on the PC. dragging and dropping the files on the right most box of the app is not working. dragging is not working at all. how to copy my files from goodreader 3 into comp using goodreader usb?

    • CK
      CK says:

      On GoodReadUSB, I was able to drag the files/folders on my old goodreader FROM the right most box TO my Window’s desktop. I then dragged the files back to the new version of goodreader.

  11. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    Same issue here. Goodreader 3 stops working – tells me to buy Goodreader 4. Fair enough. Go the App Store, clearly mentions a migration button in the blurb so thought it would be easy and paid the money. But nope. Can’t find the Migration Button anywhere. False claims. They need to put this button back on the app, as promised in the description on the App Store. Not sure how to solve this now.

  12. Pien
    Pien says:

    Also having trouble fixing all of this, I absolutely NEED to get those files back! If anyone has found a solution, please share!

  13. Darrell K. Walker
    Darrell K. Walker says:

    GoodReader support (v.4.12.1, iPad)

    BTW, 139118 is a mistaken re-send of case#138850 11/23/2017 below.

    Anyone looking at this ?


    Wanted to update my iPad from ios 10.3.3 to 11.
    Installed were Goodreader 3 populated & 4 unpopulated.
    MOVED my iPad’s Goodreader 3 data to Goodreader 3’s iCloud folder.
    Goodreader 3 data automagically synced in iCloud folders of my Goodreader 4 apps on both my iPad and iPhone.
    Deleted Goodreader 3 app from iPad (wasn’t installed on iPhone),
    in hopes of associating “ghttp” with Goodreader 4 instead of 3.

    This was the simplistic migration plan I desired since all my Goodreader 3 files were downloads from Safari via “ghttp”.
    But, “ghttp” no longer works on the iPad (seems to still be assigned to Goodreader 3).
    I tried “Bookmark” and removing then re-adding Goodreader 4 from the app store to the iPad but,
    no love.

    Please advise.

  14. David
    David says:

    Tried the usb method using extracted i tunes method but neither worked. A total waste of time. Feel that this company should be a top candidate for a class action suit as many cannot retrieve their documents .

  15. cornay
    cornay says:

    Noooo. Disaster as I’m now on IOS11 with many presentations on GoodReader3 unable to be transferred to GoodReader4.
    I did promote this app to many colleagues – no longer.

  16. Henk de Vries
    Henk de Vries says:

    I found out after upgrading to IOS11 that Goodreader 3 no longer works on ipad.
    On their website they advise downloading their USB app to retrieve the files to my macbook. But this comes as .zip and will extract im Goodreader (which does not work); as alternative they recommend using itunes from my macbook, but I see no file transfer option in itunes. I have asked Goodreader for advice, will let you know what they come back with.

      • Henk de Vries
        Henk de Vries says:

        Yes, actually they responded very quickly and comprehensively. It was not difficult, but you do need laptop or desktop computer. To that, I downloaded their usb app, and used that to look into GR3 still on my ipad. I can now see all the files and easily download those to the computer. So that was all fine. However, I no longer have these now on my ipad, unless I purchase the new GR4. So, I asked the question on why no support and how is this in the future. No response, I do not understand why they do that. The market seems to be right there. It is not about the money.

  17. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    Thank you for all the tips, I’ve got the same problem. It is an absolute disgrace, I bought GR4 already last year after getting locked out of all my docs in GR3.
    Even worse: in the months prior I got a “remark” from files I used that said that the maker of the GR app should update their app, because of incompatibility. I tried several times to contact GR, but nowhere was an email address or online contact form.
    And nowhere a warning on their website either.
    They should AT LEAST have put a popup warning INSIDE the GR3 which everybody would have read when opening GR3.

    Anyway, I will not buy GR after this version 4 “expires”. Gonna try to get used to the PDF Expert app.
    But to recover my docs, gonna try right now the first option: so first download their USBtransfer tool onto my old notebook. If you have now computer, you are even more screwed.
    Will describe the steps I took and if it worked.

  18. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    First method (Goodreader USB file transfer tool)
    1-downloaded GR USBfile transfer tool from GR site to Downloads folder.
    2-double clicked on GoodReaderUSB file (zipextension) and right away get warning that it comes from an unknown publisher, niceeeee..
    3-just clicked on “install” anyway, because apparently this file should fix their blunder.
    4-only an almost empty screen appears, with only on top line a text “connect iPhone, iPod touch or iPad…..”. Hope it works, because this screen does bot seem “complete”.
    Gonna send this half post since I don’t know what happens after connecting iPad via USB now.

    • Henk de Vries
      Henk de Vries says:

      Hi Marcus, you will find that it does work nicely. You can look into the GR folder on your ipad and easily drag the files to your desktop. Do realise that when you use various devices, the files are only on the device originally downloaded to.
      It worked easily enough for me, extracting files from an ipad mini and ipad pro.
      Good luck!

  19. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    Hello Henk, thank you very much.
    I was busy until recently and not on this site will fixing the problem.

    On my old ipad I typed the other steps I was doing after above step 4, so just to complete my post, I will copy the other steps here below. It worked, but was quite some work, glad it finally is solved.

    Continuing from above part of post:

    5 -after connecting USB cable between iPad + notebook, a note “installing software” appeared on notebook.
    6 -few seconds thereafter the message “Apple mobile device USB driver” on notebook and message “Do you trust this computer….” on my iPad.
    7 -clicked “trust”, then keypad appeared to type my 4-digit iPad entry code
    8 -nothing happened on iPad but on notebook I got “connection error. Please disconnect and reconnect”.
    9 -so pulled USB out of notebook and re-inserted. Right away I saw more symbols appear in USB transfer tool screen on notebook, that were not there before in step 4.
    Then notebook message “device ready for use” showed and I saw both the green GR3 and the blue GR4 symbols in left lower side of USB transfer tool screen. In mid section of transfer tool screen I see a folder named My Documents.
    Then a popup screen appears on notebook showing Apple iPad is connected with question what to choose as “Auto Opening”.
    You must delete that popup because I tried via that way first, and did not work. You must perform the actions for dragging GR3 contents to My Documents yourself.
    10 – then clicked on GR3 symbol, all disappeared and message “connection error” again..
    11 – disconnected USB and re-connected. Again the popup with question how to access iPad. Click this away, like I said, it will lead nowhere
    (I tried that way and ended up inside my iPad, in Internal Storage, with a folder named DCIM, with content with Apple-names (eg.108Apple) and one named 100Cloud. Useless, these are pictures))

    12 – Went back in GR USB tool screen with both GR3 and GR4 folders, and then saw another folder also named “My Documents” on the RIGHT half of the screen, and after double clicking on it, I finally got inside GR3 with all my docs.

    First click once on the green GR3 symbol on Left side in screen and then on the My Documents folder completely right side.
    (not the My Documents in the middle part of the GR tool screen)

    Now drag your docs or folders in steps from out of this “My Documents” section to your computer’s desktop screen. Selecting All and copy-pasting did not work either, with me.
    So use the long but sure way.
    And after your desktop screen is full with dragged docs, click once on the GR4 symbol on left side of the GR USB tool screen, to enter in GR4.
    I then always got a Connecting error warning. So again, unplug and re-plug the USB.
    Then start dragging the docs again from desktop screen into GR4’s My Documents folder on the right side of the USB Tool screen.
    It finally worked.

    Hope it works out for you all as well


  20. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    Oh, now I have another question: can I just delete the old Goodreader app with all these locked docs in it?
    I have just dragged all of them into the new GR 4 now. So I guess they should remain in there right? Even if I delete all together with GR 3.

    • Henk de Vries
      Henk de Vries says:

      I had the same problem trandferring all files at one, so I also copied one by one, into a folder that I made on the desktop.
      I have one not-yet-updated ipad, hev kept the GR3 files still on that one.
      I consider eliminating the whole program and all files in it from ipads, but what other app is good?
      I am very reluctant to upgrade to GR4, because I am afraid that the next upgrade will be a repeat of this mess.
      I have contacted GR (not easy) in different ways but still waiting for a response!

  21. Dan Augsburger
    Dan Augsburger says:

    I am losing all of my bookmarks when I sync or back up to something outside of goodreader. When I return them to Goodreader they are still missing. Is there a way to preserve bookmarks as the documents are moved around? Dan

  22. rake
    rake says:

    I tried the GoodReaderUSB and ITunes. Although i could see the my document folder, there is only an empty inbox folder under my document folder for GoodReader. All my documents are gone. Is this due to I enabled login with the password for GR3? Who has the similar issue? How to resolve?

  23. jacqui caulfield
    jacqui caulfield says:

    I have tried everything but because GR3 is now uninstalled on iPad (and can’t be re-installed due to IOS ugrade), I can’t access my files. I have years and years worth of files on there. This is so disappointing. Is there a way to get into the files on the iPad somehow??

    • Randy
      Randy says:

      I have had the same problem as everyone else here. I am still waiting to hear from Goodiware to see about a refund for GR4 that will not migrate files from GR3. GoodReaderUSB did not reveal files in GR3. I ended up down loading iExplorer ( ) to look at the backup I did before I updated to iOS 11. I was able to look at the app data from that backup and find the com.goodiware.goodreader file. I opened this and just exported the files I wanted. This of course will not help anyone who does not still have a backup of their iPhone before the iOS 11 update.


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