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Updating iOS6: No Luck With Troubleshooting iTunes Match Problems


iOS 6 iconYesterday I updated my iPhone to iOS 6 without any problems. But with updating my iPad I faced some issues concerning the iTunes Match respective the iPod music app: No album covers, no real songs, but thousands songs with “0:00” Playing time. I tried it in different ways. There were no solutions. I googled for a while, but all offered solutions I found recommended to recover the iPad with the iCloud-backup. But this was a solution I did not really want to try….

Well, after a short while I found a solution:

  1. Deactivate iTunes Match on your iPad / iPhone
  2. Deactivate iTunes Match on your Mac / Windos PC
  3. Sync your iDevice with iTunes choosing at least one playlist
  4. Start the music app on your iDevice, close the app
  5. Sync your iDevice again
  6. Restart iTunes Match on your Mac / Windows PC
  7. Restart iTunes Match on your iDevice
  8. Restart the music app and wait for a while…

But this didn’t work for me! So I had to reset my iPad with the latest backup and then…the shock:

It didn’t reboot correctly, it hung up! The absolutely disappointing fact destroyed my absolute believe in apple!

I had to reinstall every single app and reorganize my iPad for four days! Well done, apple guys! Welcome to the Microsoft niveau!

Stay tuned! 🙁

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