Hi there,

my name is Gee Are Pabst, blogger and analyst. Blogging is my Passion! I’m the founder and owner of the two blogs called pabst.socialmedia and miapple.me – Tech.Blog.

Gee Are Pabstmiapple.me – Blogger and Analyst.
Applemaniac – Keen On Apple Products!
Technomaniac – Your Problem Solver for Microsoft and Apple Related Issues!

Grown up with a Commodore C64 and Basic in the 80’s. Twenty years of experience with Windows PCs. Since 2011 keen on Apple and Apple products.

I post about my personal Microsoft and Apple products and problems on miApple.me. I provide solutions to problems people are faced with.

My work experience as a blogger and analysist (Internet Intelligence, SEO and social media) is the basis of the services of pabst.socialmedia.

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