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Calipio: Screen Recording Without Registration, E2E-encrypted

Screen recording and Webcam recording instantly in your webbrowser on Windows, macOS and Linux desktop computers with Calipio Screen Recorder. No installation and registration required. Protected by end-to-end encryption. Easy to use with instant…
Fixing Mac no admin account on macOS delete File - Tech.Blog

Fixing Mac No Admin Account On macOS Mojave Or Later

If your Mac has no admin account anymore or if your macOS account lost its administrator rights on macOS 10.14 Mojave, macOS 11 Big Sur or later, you can recover the macOS admin rights easily by running again Apple's Setup Assistant tool to…
Install iTunes for Windows 10_03_launching iTunes after successful installation on Windows - Tech.Blog
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How To Install iTunes On Windows 10 and Windows 8

Learn how to download and install iTunes on Windows 10 and Windows 8, and if you face problems with the installation, learn how to troubleshoot and fix the iTunes installation. In principle, iTunes (iTunes 11 up to version iTunes 12.10.10 at… logo 2015_RGB 1400x1400 square

9 Years Of Blogging: – Tech.Blog’s 9th Anniversary

Since today, I have been blogging for nine years and this is my 396th post on -Tech.Blog! I published my first blog post "My First Apple Anniversary on January 21st, 2012!" on on January 21st, 2012. Exactly 10 years after…
Sync iCloud Calendars to android via CalDAV client Sync for iCloud - Tech.Blog
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Sync iCloud Calendars To Android

Sync iCloud calendars to android via a CalDAV client. Hold your Apple calendars up to date with a two-way synchronisation (not just a transfer!) of iCloud Calendards to android phone or android tablet, e.g. a Samsung Galaxy S10, S20 or S21.…
sync iCloud contacts to android via CardDAV client Sync for iCloud - Tech.Blog
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Sync iCloud Contacts To Android

Sync iCloud contacts to android via a CardDAV client. Hold your Apple contacts up to date with a two-way synchronisation (not just a transfer!) of iCloud Contacts to android phone or android tablet, e.g. a Samsung Galaxy S10, S20 or S21. I sync…
Sync Android Photos to iOS iCloud Photo_05_IFTTT applet - Tech.Blog
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Sync Android Photos To iCloud Photo Library And Photo Stream

Sync Android Photos to iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Photo Stream by using an IFTTT applet to upload and automatically transfer camera photos or screenshots taken on an Android device to an iOS device or a Mac. In addition, the Photosync app,…
iOS_watchOS_no-message-notifications sound_02_notification on Apple watch

Fixing No Notification Sounds On iPhone When Locked

No notification sounds on iPhone when locked: Here’s the fix and explanation why your iPhone is not making any sound notifications every time you get a new message. If your iPhone is locked, a text message coming in alerts on the Apple Watch…
iTunes Match vs. Apple Music Difference in DRM Digital Rights - Tech.Blog

Apple Music vs. iTunes Match: What Is The Difference?

Apple Music vs. iTunes Match: The true difference between Apple Music and iTunes Match is that iTunes Match is an iCloud storage and syncing service for one's own music library including songs and albums across multiple Apple devices. Apple…
iCloud Mail Silent Filtering_01_Delivery Status Notification - Tech.Blog
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Apple iCloud Mail Blocks Outbound Emails: Silent Filtering And How To Fix It

Apple iCloud Mail blocks outbound emails (silent filtering) and inbound emails (spam filtering) containing specific, blacklisted strings. iCloud Mail screens the content of the email before sending it. If the content or the recipient's email…