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Calipio: Screen Recording Without Registration, E2E-encrypted

Calipio Screen Recorder logo 357x357Screen recording and Webcam recording instantly in your webbrowser on Windows, macOS and Linux desktop computers with Calipio Screen Recorder. No installation and registration required. Protected by end-to-end encryption. Easy to use with instant recording functions. Free to use on Windows, Mac, Linux. Coming soon to iOS and Android.

Calipio is an Austrian Startup inventing a novel and intuitive way of screen and webcam recording browser-based. In the free Version no registration is required. However, a registration is needed to access all features of Calipio screen recorder.

Calipio Screen redording E2E-encrypted

Calipio Screen redording E2E-encrypted

How to make screen recording with Calipio Screen Recorder

Directly on the homepage of Calipio you can select 3 options and start them immediately by clicking:

  • SCREEN: Record your screen
  • SCREEN and MICROPHONE: Record your screen and voice
  • SCREEN and MICROPHONE and CAMERA: Record your screen, voice and yourself via webcam

Here’s a small demo video made by miapple.me – Tech.Blog.

The advantages of Calipio Screen Recorder

  • No installation of an app or browser extension: Simply open the browser of your choice and start recording. Calipio is using state of the art technology and supports virtually all browsers and operating systems on desktop computers.
  • Sharing via cloud link: Share the link, whether by email, private messaging or on social media, including playback on the go.
  • No registration: Simply click on one of the three record buttons and share it with your network.
  • Free to use: No account for using needed.
  • End-to-end encryption: Once you hit that share button, only the recipient can open your recording.
  • Cloud storage: Video files are stored in a lightning fast and secure cloud.

The disadvantages of Calipio Screen Recorder

  • Up to now, Calipio solely works on desktop computers, not on iOS or Android browsers.

My personal opinion about Calipio Screen Recorder

What fascinated myself upmost is the intuitive end instant use of Calipio for screen recording. For bloggers and podcasters, Calipio is a very fast tool for screen recording and immediate sharing: Just to a button, record your screen with your voice and face (in contrast to Reflector App, which can only record your voice), share it and your done.

Calipio is a super fast and secure way for video screen recording and webcam recording. End-to-end encrypted, safely store in a secure cloud with easy sharing options.

Stay tuned! 😉

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