FRITZ! by AVMSetting up a GSM Gateway on a FRITZ!Box with a mobile broadband modem USB stick can be easily done because this is a standard feature of the latest FRITZ!Box models, beginning with the 72XX series and higher. I took as combination a FRITZ!Box 7390 and a Huawei / Vodafone K3765 mobile broadband USB modem stick.

FRITZ! by AVMDisplaying the incoming caller ID (CLIP = Calling Line Identification Presentation) of a GSM gateway (Vodafone RL 500 ZTE) connected to a FRITZ!Box 7170 V2 works by connecting the GSM gateway and the FRITZ!Box 7170 V2 via an own crimped cable. One end of the crimped cable has a 4C2P plug (pins 2 +3), the other end a 8C2P plug (RJ45, pins 3 + 6). If you set up of the GSM Gateway with a Sagem / Vodafone RL 500 on a FRITZ!Box 7170 V2 with the enclosed products’ cables and connectors, the caller ID will not be displayed on your phones for calls coming via the GSM gateway to the FRITZ!Box.

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AVM LogoSetting up a GSM gateway is really simple: What you need is a router with an integrated modem, e.g. a FRITZ!Box 7170, a (secondary) SIM card of a mobile network provider of your choice and a GSM fixed wireless terminal, e.g. a Sagem / Vodafone RL 500 (products can be found in miShopping) . That’s all! OK, you need some cables, too. But that’s indeed everything you need.