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WhatsApp iconWhatsApp on iPad without jailbreak is easily installed on iOS 7 and iOS 8 (iPod touch included) using the free iFunBox (Windows and Mac versions available). I tried also DiskAid, but it didn’t worked. However, there is a known issue with WhatsApp on iOS 8 beta: Some contacts or groups force WhatsApp on iOS 8 beta to crash.  This is a general problem of WhatsApp on iOS 8 and has nothing to do with this tweak.

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Update August 22, 2015: How To Set Up WhatsApp Web On iPad And Mac
Update December 10, 2014: WhatsApp On iPad Without Jailbreak Not Working Anymore
Update: iOS 8: How To Install WhatsApp On iPad Without Jailbreak
Update: How to install WhatsApp on iPad without Jailbreak works also on iOS 7

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Diskaid 5 iconDiskAid is a versatile tool to back up your iPhone, iPad or iPad mini and iPod touch on Mac and Windows PC. The latest Windows Version 5.43 is running on Windows 8. I just had to add my license key again. Both the Windows Version 5.43 and the Mac Version 6.01 are on sale 33% off for a limited period of time: $19.90 instead of $29.90. Annotation: DiskAid is free for students, teachers and academic personnel.