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iOS 8: How To Install WhatsApp On iPad Without Jailbreak

WhatsApp iconWhatsApp on iPad without jailbreak is easily installed on iOS 7 and iOS 8 (iPod touch included) using the free iFunBox (Windows and Mac versions available). I tried also DiskAid, but it didn’t worked. However, there is a known issue with WhatsApp on iOS 8 beta: Some contacts or groups force WhatsApp on iOS 8 beta to crash.  This is a general problem of WhatsApp on iOS 8 and has nothing to do with this tweak.

Update February 4, 2016: iOS: Install WhatsApp On iPad With Messenger Plus For WhatsApp
Update August 22, 2015: How To Set Up WhatsApp Web On iPad And Mac
Update: December 10, 2014: WhatsApp On iPad Without Jailbreak Not Working Anymore
Update November 17, 2014: WhatsApp version 2.11.14 is also NOT working on iPads, but WhatsApp 2.11.8!
Update September 24, 2014: WhatsApp version 2.11.12 is also NOT working on iPads, but WhatsApp 2.11.8!
Update September 19, 2014: WhatsApp version 2.11.11 is NOT working on iPads, but WhatsApp 2.11.8!
Update September 18, 2014: WhatsApp is completely working again on iOS 8 final version.

In the following you see a step-by-step guide to install WhatsApp on iPad without jailbreak. I was successful on an iPad Air cellular 128 GB with iOS 8 beta 2 installed. However, it should work on a non-cellular iPad or iPad mini as well.

That’s all! You got it: WhatsApp on iPad without jailbreak is running on iOS 8! But keep in mind that you can’t use Whatsapp parallel both on your iPhone and on your iPad. If you want to switch between WhatsApp on iPhone to WhatsApp on iPad, close WhatsApp on the one device before you start WhatsApp on the other. To be safe, deactivate ‘Background App Refresh’ on both devices. Go to ‘Settings’, ‘WhatsApp’ and deactivate ‘Background App refresh’.

If the get the following message, you have to repeat the ‘WhatsApp on iPad without jailbreak’ tweak:

iOS 8 WhatsApp on iPad installation device not supported: You need to repeat Steps 3-8 and 10-13 to get access to WhatsApp again.

Source: miApple.me

If you want to use WhatsApp later again on your iPhone, you have to reactivate WhatsApp on your iPhone via SMS.
If you want then use it again on the iPad you have to go through step 3 to 7 and 9 to 12 again.

Here are some FAQs and troubleshooting:

  • Q: Can I still sync my iPad with iTunes?
    • A: So far, on iOS 8 iTunes sync works. However on iOS 7, you will get a message in iTunes that your computer is no longer authorized to install apps on your iPad. However, you can check the option ‘Sync only checked songs and videos’ in the ‘Summary’ section: songs and Videos will be synced. Updating apps ‘over the air’ via automatic downloads is still possible.
  • Q: If there is an updateforWhatsApp, can I update it? Will it still work?
    • A: You have to delete WhatsApp from your iPad, update WhatsApp on your iPhone and do the workaround describe above again.
  • Q: If there is an iPad software update,  can I update it?WillWhatsApp be removed?
    • A: You should remove WhatsApp from your iPad, update iOS and then do the workaround describe above again.
  • Q: WhatsApp is not working in general on my iPad.WhatsApp crashes every time I want to open a new message. What can I do?
    • A: There is a known issue with iOS 8 beta: Some contacts or groups force WhatsApp on iOS 8 beta to crash. This is a general problem and has nothing to do with this tweak. To date (06/27/2014), the only working solution (both for WhatsApp on iPhone and iPad) is, either to identify the contact and delete the messages of the contact or delete all conversations. But all the conversations are then lost! And in my case, the same contact let WhatsApp crashed again after I deleted the conversation!

Stay tuned! 😉

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  3. hi i keep getting “sorry your device is currently not supported” on my ipad air with ios8 after following your steps to the T. any suggestions? many thanks

    1. Hi,

      it works on iPad air. The most common mistake is not to mark all files for copying from iPhone to the computer and from computer to the iPad.

      Try it again and follow all described steps EXACTLY.

      Gee Are

      1. I’m having the same problem. I tried this many times and it didn’t work. iFunBox says that my iPad is “jailed,” and it doesn’t allow me to copy all the necessary files. I have a 32 GB 2nd gen iPad.

        1. You should be able to install it on iPad. If not, then something went wrong. However, WhatsApp 2.11.11 is not working on iOS 8 and iPad. It crashes during starting. But it works on WhatsApp 2.11.8. So this is a WhatsApp bug and not an iOS 8 issue.

          1. How can I install 2.11.8? I found the ipa file online and tried installing it on the iPad using iFunBox and iTools, but installation failed both times. My iPad isn’t jailbreaked/unlocked, so I’m guessing that it just doesn’t support older versions being installed? Is there any way you know of that could help me get WhatsApp installed, especially since I’ve updated to iOS 8 and there’s no jailbreak available?

              1. That’s what I was trying to do. I found other 2.11.8 ipa files, but they wouldn’t even install on the iPhone. I used the ipa that you provided, and when I installed it on the iPhone, it kept asking me for the Apple ID password. When I entered them, it crashed. This happened repeatedly.

                1. Hi Nadia,

                  my fault! Every ipa-File is protected by one’s own Apple ID. I removed the download file. Look into your trash folder for your own “WhatsApp 2.11.8.ipa”, untrash it and make sure that you have installed the same version both on iPhone and iPad.

                  Gee Are

                  1. Whatsapp was working fine on my ipad air then after update of ios 8 and whatsapp itself its not. I still receive the messages notification but I cant go into whatsapp

              1. Hi Gee Are,

                Until there is a solution, may be it’s better to change this step 2 of your instructions above:
                “Install WhatsApp in the regular way via iTunes Store on your iPhone….”
                Because if someone does this at this time, he/she gets Whatsapp 2.11.11. Ans we all know that won’t work.

      2. hi
        i did try whatsapp v 2.11.8 and work as well but after sometime i received msg from group and friends, its begin crash. every time i want open my chat, it crash app and exit from app. any solution ? sorry for bad english.

        1. Im experiencing the same problem… the app crash on most chat but not all. i think it is something related to typography ligatures or something..

  4. Also me , It was working in IOS 7 with whatsapp 2.11.8
    but after I update to IOS 8 it is not support 🙁
    Help please
    my device is IPad mini 2

        1. This really does work. I have an iPad mini just finished installing whatsapp on ios 8. as Gee says make sure you copy ALL the files from iPhone to iPad.

              1. ¿Cómo busco esa actualización de Whatsapp? Quiero instalarla en mi iPod 5g, ya lo he hecho, pero una vez se actualizó y me apareció el mensaje de “Su dispositivo no es compatible”, AYUDA

                1. Hi Saul,

                  You wrote:
                  “How to look for that update Whatsapp ? I want to install it on my iPod 5g , and I did , but once I updated and message appeared ” Your device is not compatible” , HELP”

                  Which WhatsApp version did you install? Version 2.11.8 is the only one working on iPad with iOS 8.

                  Gee Are

              2. Hi Chase.. can u teach us how to rolled back to ios 7 from ios 8. i thot apple has stopped signing ios 7 and thus we cant go back.

          1. How about Whatsapp 2.11.12. I have same problem. I I have also cleared my trash bin and no 2.11.8.ipa. But I have download a copy 2.11.8 NOT from itunes and problem with asking apple id when I open Whatsapp in IPAD?

            Please help

  5. Reading back my previous post it looks much more rude than I intended, I’m really sorry for that.

    But I’m one of the people that followed the instructions exactly, got 2.11.11 on the iPhone and with the help of iFunbox on the iPad with the disappointing result of ““sorry your device is currently not supported”. Like others I also figured out that I needed a previous version of Whatsapp, but I can not find it anywhere.
    So please, if anyone has 2.11.8 running again on the iPad, can you tell the others where you got it from?


  6. it give me a msg … ” failed to verify your device ” and when i press verify it give me the not currently msg what should i do ?

  7. Hi,

    I am very frustated and I need your help.

    I had for more than a year my Ipad working smoothly with Whatsapp and I love it…

    But, today I updated the Ipad to IOS8 and started to fail (some contacts couldnt been open on whatsapp) so I decided to Upgrade also the Whatsapp application… And now, I have NO whastapp on my Ipad….

    I have just read your post and I’m really frustated and worried, as I cannot downgrade the Whatsapp to the 2.11.8 and as I had read… with 2.11.11 it is not working.

    Anyone can help? Any Idea?

    THANKS a lot in advance

    1. Hi Jose Brunete,

      you can downgrade. At first, you should make an iCloud WhatsApp backup of your chat history (Note: Version 2.11.11 currently does not supported iCloud backup, you should wait till the next version, if you need your history. Then, delete WhatsApp 2.11.X from your iPhone and install 2.11.8 either via iTunes or iFunBox. Open WhatsApp till it works and then proceed as described in this post.

      Look into your trash folder for “WhatsApp 2.11.8.ipa”, untrash it and make sure that you have installed the same version both on iPhone and iPad.

      Gee Are

    1. Hi hamidthr,

      thanks for your help.

      Look into your trash folder for “WhatsApp 2.11.8.ipa”, untrash it and make sure that you have installed the same version both on iPhone and iPad.

      Gee Are

      1. Hi everybody!
        I’m trying to install whatsapp 2.11.8 on my iPhone so that I can “export” the installation to my iPad, but it keeps asking me for email and password (on the iPhone!). What do you think is going wrong?

        1. After installing 2.11.8..on iPad ..when launching the app. It keeps asking for the Apple ID password for “d****@******.com”… I can’t get pass this.. Maybe the ipa is signed to d**** Anyway to get the ipa to be resigned to another owner ?

          1. Hi Jagung

            there no chance. It was my fault. Every ipa-File is protected by one’s own Apple ID. I removed the download file. Look into your trash folder for your own “WhatsApp 2.11.8.ipa”, untrash it and make sure that you have installed the same version both on iPhone and iPad.

            Gee Are

            1. I have the same issue Jagung. I can’t find my own “WhatsApp 2.11.8.ipa” in my trash folder. Is there anyway to get the file to be resigned? So that another user can use it or maybe a temporary password?

                1. I have .8 in my trash tried but not working. Used to work on ios 7. Says recovering chat history n then kicks me out. With .12 give me device not supported error. Any solutions ? TY

                  1. Hi sarthac,

                    sorry, so far no solution in sight. What you can try is to login on WhatsApp on your iPhone, than close it completely and de-activate background refresh in the settings. Then, repeat the entire process. sometimes the background refresh is the problem because WhatsApp is then still running on your iPhone. But WhatsApp can only run on one device at the same time.

                    Gee Are

                    1. Tried no luck. I can only get .8 on the i pad not on i phone as it automaticaly downloads .12 ….maybe thats causing the problem ? Just fyi guess the folks @ whatsapp/apple have figured this tweak…on .12’s description it says its a telephony app and cant be used on ipad/ipod. Plz update if get any solution 🙂 ty

                      1. Hi Sarthac,

                        thanks for this information. Regarding the automated update, you can de-activate them in the iPhone settings. Go to “iTunes & App Store” and de-actvate “automatic downloads” for apps. Then install WhatsApp 2.11.8 via iTunes from your computer.

                        Gee Are

                      2. Hi Gee Are, i cant install the .8 to my iphone via iyunes it gives the error computr is not authorized. i go back n authorize the com still same issue. 🙁

                        1. Hi sarthac,

                          try this 2 options:
                          – Authorise you computer in iTunes again and/or
                          – Install WhatsApp 2.11.8 via iFunBox on your iPhone in the similar wax I described for iPad

                          Gee Are

                        2. Hi Gee Are, it keeps crashing after some time….guess the bug what u described in your earlier comments. either a group chat or individual chat crashes after sometime. well that’s it then… guess no more options. please update us if u get any solutions for version .12 🙂 ty

        1. Hi Mirko,

          oops, you’re right. Thank you for your reply!

          Every ipa-File is protected by one’s own Apple ID. I removed the download file. Look into your trash folder for your own “WhatsApp 2.11.8.ipa”, untrash it and make sure that you have installed the same version both on iPhone and iPad.

          Gee Are

        1. Hi Saby,

          this is the iOS 8 bug of the earlier WhatsApp versions. I see no other option than waiting for the next WhatsApp version 2.11.12. Hopefully this will completely work again.

          Gee Are

          1. Hi Gee Are,
            Version 2.11.12 is available now but following the same process hasn’t worked for me. I will keep checking out your blog to see if anything else works. Thanks a lot for your help


      2. I finally got it to work! I had to find my WhatsApp 2.11.8 ipa file. Since that update came out in March, I had already deleted it from my laptop, but I was able to recover it by navigating to the Mobile Applications folder, right-clicking on Properties, then selecting the Previous Versions tab. I was then able to locate the 2.11.8 file and follow Gee Are’s instructions. Thankfully, it worked after 4 days of desperately trying to find a solution.

            1. Hi Nadia,

              this is due to the iOS 8 bug of WhatsApp 2.11.8. So far, I see no option to overcome this. I think we’ll have to wait for WhatsApp 2.11.12, hopefully working again on our iPads…

              Gee Are

                1. Hi Nadia,

                  this means you must Repeat the installation. It’s important that you only use On one device. Be sure that You close WhatsApp COMPLETELY when changing. Then you can start WhatsApp on the other device.

                  Gee Are

                  1. I tried many times. I even turned off the iCloud chat history, and now it’s getting stuck on the “unable to load chat history” screen on the iPad. I tried reinstalling but it keeps getting me the same error, no matter how many times I do a fresh install on the iPhone.

                    Anyway, thanks for all your help!

      3. For those who’ve managed to downgrade WhatsApp back to 2.11.8 on iOS 8. But having crash issues.. try this link for fix (Try at your own risk).


        Although this is a Beta iOS8 fix. I’ve tested it on my full release version and able to open chats and group chats that were previously crashing all the time… So far i’ve not detected any issues yet.. so try at your own risk.. and make sure to backup your files!

        Please leave a feedback after fix.

      4. I have upgraded my whatsapp on ipad to 2.11.12 and now it doesn’t work. I have also remove totally the old version 2.11.8 fro my PC cannot be found anyway in the trash.

        But I have downloaded a copy of 2.11.8.ipa from the internet and NOT from itunes, therefore, not using my apple id to download.
        After installing in my ipad, it still ask me for apple id?

        Please help on.


      5. Just loaded 2.11.8 on IOS 8 and it worked perfectly. However, along the way, I learnt that you need to load the same version on both the iPad and iPhone, as a small version change upsets whatsapp significantly.

        1. 2.11.8 on IOS8 working with me. the only problem is some groups cannot open. but i am getting notification. what to do..please help me someone.

      6. Did anyone try the latest version 2.11.12?

        Because if you don’t have the .ipa file for 2.11.8 there is no way that you can install using 2.11.11. But they have released 2.11.12 very recently. I was hoping that it would work with iPads.

      7. I’ve downloaded 2.11.7 from vshare on both iphone and ipod and tried it and it WORKED
        But the app keeps crashing when typing something .
        well it solve the problem if I did the same thing with 2.11.8???
        BTW I have IOS 8

      8. I am using Ipad Air 16GB LTE, i cannot copy all file from the iphone5s, the storekit folder, “.com.apple.mobile_container_manager.metadata.plist” and two doc in library cannot be moved to my computer.

        and the ipad still showing “this is not supported” if i move everything i could.

        what should i do?

      9. i have 2.11.8 back on my ipad but my friend set latatest whatapp version (2.11.12) on his iphone, what can i do now ?
        1-can i install my 2.11.8 back up on his iphone and sign with my appleid and do rest ?
        2-why do not use all whatsapp+data from ipone to set up on ipad and only use doc&library to copy on ipad ?

      10. Unfortunately my Whatsapp 2.11.8.ipa seems to have been corrupted as when opened in ifunbox it has no files inside. I notice that Whatsapp have now released version 2.11.12, is that likely to work? Does anyone know? Thanks

        1. yes its working for me, but not perfectly! some groups cannot open, i don’t know what to do. please help me..

      11. Hi there,

        So I installed iOS 8.0.2 on my iPod Touch 5 and literally my whatsapp went sick and was not letting me open messages. I backed up my messages and I tried to installs whatsapp again using above method – as I have done before. However, whatsapp came up with the message “Whatsapp is not supported by this device”. Turns out I have installed Whatsapp 2.11.12 (the latest version). So once I came across this forum, I tried to install 2.11.8 as you suggested, finding it in the trash. I install it and put across my Documents and Library files as normal. I thought it had worked but then Whatsapp came up with this message:

        “Failed to verify your device. This is most likely caused by you upgrading or changing your phone”

        The only option you have is to press “Verify”. Unfortunately, this has taken me back to square one and it once again states that Whatsapp is not supported by this device. I have turned the iPod on and off. I have closed the whatsapp window and re-opened but still this message comes up. This is despite 2.11.8 being installed.

        PLEASE HELP! I actually depend on this app and I don’t want to have to resort to my Sony Xperia crap phone to do this!

      12. Installed the first time just fine and then upgraded to iOS* and got the message saying “sorry your device is not supported” tried eroding the steps about 5 time with no luck.

        I found the ipa file 2.11.9 and reinstalled whatspp on my phone using ifunbox, because if I do it from the iTunes stores, it installs 2.11.12 ..so I did that and followed the steps but still no luck – is there any way you can help me?

        2.11.9 was the only one in my trash, I tried getting 2.11.8 on the web but was unsuccessful & I really need it to work on my iPad again 🙁

        1. Hi Sade,

          try the following: Substitute 2.11.12 in …/music/itunes/itunes media/mobile applications by 2.11.9 and install this WhatsApp version via iTunes on your iPad. Hope that helps.

          Gee Are

      13. Hi Gee Are, it used to work but not anymore after ios 8 n whatsapp update. I have 2.11.8 but it dosnt work n kicks me out saying recovering chat history. I tried with.12 gives me device not supported error. Any solutions ? TY

      14. I was trying to set install Whatsapp on my iPad with iOS 8, I should note that for the above to work the donor iPhone should be on the same iOS version as the iPad on which you will install Whatsapp.

        For me i tried with Whatsapp version 2.11.7 with both donor iPhone and recepient iPad at iOS 8.0.2. (I don’t have Whatsapp 2.11.8).

        having the iPhone on iOS 7.1.2 and iPad at iOS 8.0.2 failed with all versions of Whatsapp that I have. Version 2.11.12 failed even when both were at the same iOS 8.0.2.

      15. King C. Asante-Yeboa

        I succeeded in reinstalling Whatsapp 2.11.8 on my ipad ios8.02 after gettng error message for updating it to 2.11.12.
        Anybody needing help I can explain. For now I will keep to this version till it is clear that the new version is compatible with ios8.02

      16. do I need to have it installed on iPhone? Can I not just install it on the iPod and use my phone number to get the confirmation message, so that I have WhatsApp only on the iPod?

        1. Hi Rudy,

          I’m sorry, but there isn’t any other option to get a working copy of WhatsApp2.11.8.ipa because it is blocked with one’s own personal Apple ID. further more, it seems that the 2.11.8 certificate isn’t valid anymore, meaning it will not work anymore.

          Gee Are

      17. Seems like the iPhone6 cannot download the Whatsapp verion 2.11.8 or any other version at all. It has the 2.11.14 by default and I can’t figure out what to do. Please do keep us informed if you have a solution to that. I want to install Whatsapp on my iPad Air.

        1. Hi footnotes,

          thanks for your feedback! I’ll keep you informed. However, up to now, there are no new / good news. It seems that the 2.11.8 certificate isn’t valid anymore. This means WhatsApp 2.11.8 will not work anymore.

          Gee Are

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      19. Hi Gee. Sir i try many times but the error is same your device is not supported i am using ios8.1.3 previously i am using whatsapp on ios 7.0.3 perfectly when i update to ios 8.1.3 it does’nt work please help me when i try 2.11.8 whatsapp version the whatsapp app asking apple id and password again and again what should i do to resolve please guide and kindly help me as soon as possible sorry for bad english…

        1. Hi Usman,

          it seems that you downloaded a WhatsApp.ipa file purchased by somebody other than you. WhatsApp is asking for the Apple ID and Password of that Person who purchased this file. Sorry, there is nothing you can do about it.

          Gee Are

      20. when I click on whatsapp on ifunbox this message appears that it has to be jailbroken to be open. Can you help me please?

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            1. Hi Gee, hope u doing grt….yes the web thing does work but not as smoooth as the app. Did u get time to check on the sideload thru xcode7? Can that b a workaround…..and why do we have like ur blog on fb/twitr to view the content, we already like u 🙂

              1. Hi Sarthak,

                many thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate this! 🙂

                What do you mean by sideload through Xcode 7? Could you give me more information regarding this, please?

                Sorry about the liking… But there’s a cookie for that because of technical reasons. I just was able to prolong the cookie life time to 90 days, after that the cookie will get invalid (beginning from now on).

                Gee Are

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