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Update: iOS 8: How To Install WhatsApp On iPad Without Jailbreak
Update: September 18, 2013: WhatsApp on iPad without jailbreak runs on iOS 7.0, too!

WhatsApp iconWhatsApp on iPad without jailbreak installation is running on iOS 7 beta (2). I have already posted about how to install WhatsApp on an iPad without jailbreaking it. At that time, iOS 6.1.3 was installed on my iPad 4th generation cellular. In the meantime iOS 7 beta was released and both my iPad and my iPhone 4S are now running on iOS 7 beta (2). The beta release is not very stable at the moment, there are often crashes. However, what was more important to me was to answer the question wether the Whatsapp tweak is still possible.

Therefore, I followed the step-by-step Whatsapp workaround, using my iPhone 4S, my iPad 4th generation and iFunBox. And indeed,  it is still feasable to get WhatsApp on iPad without jailbreak is running on iOS 7 beta (2):


Stay tuned! 😉

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    • S Naved Masood
      S Naved Masood says:

      Wonderful technique !!!
      But when i tried; i am repeatedly faced with a screen to input my apple user ID and password and nothing happens thereafter..
      Can u please rectify this

        • S Naved Masood
          S Naved Masood says:

          Thanks for replying
          yes i had a purchased version of whats app on my phone.

          following steps were done.
          1. delete whats app from phone.
          2. download new whats app (from cloud as it was shown like this) and configure it for new number
          3. synch itunes with pc
          4. copy app file from pc
          5. copy directory folder and other folder from iphone using ifunbox.
          6. open ipad in ifunbox and installing copied app file on it.
          7. delete directory and other folder from ipad using ifunbox and copy paste the other folders from iphone into it using ifunbox.
          8. but now its asking for apple id and password again and again when i click on whats app icon on ipad
          please help

    • Gee Are Pabst
      Gee Are Pabst says:

      It will work on any iPad mini!

      Here’s how to find the model number:
      Go to settings, about, model. The model number looks like, e.g., MD524FD/A (iPad 4th gen, WiFi + celllular, 64GB). Search apple.com or Wikipedia for the translation to a model name or install the app Mactracker.

  1. Coen Zwarts
    Coen Zwarts says:

    Good to know that it is still feasable to get Whatsapp running on an iPad without jailbreak on iOS 7 beta (2).

    But…. I have Whatsapp running on 6.1.3 (as you had) using your workaround and I’m very happy with it.
    So now I like to know: Did Whatsapp still work after the upgrade to IOS 7.0 or did you really have to install it again?

    • Gee Are Pabst
      Gee Are Pabst says:

      If you are able to update to iOS 7 with WhatsApp installed it will work. However, I think that you cannot upgrade to iOS 7 so far WhatsApp is installed on your iPad. You have to check it on your own….

  2. Timo Imhoff
    Timo Imhoff says:

    Hey there, folowed your guide a few month a ago and everythings works fine but today App Store has a newer version of whatsapp and it could not be updated anymore.. 🙁 “Its not compatible with iPad”


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