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Why Apple? Because It Just Works! Part 1

miappleme_Big_1I would like to tell you more about the reasons why I change my mind completely in respect to apple and its products:

On one day in December 2010 a very good friend of mine came over for a beer or two and proudly showed me his new mobile phone: The incredible huge HTC HD7 with the brand new Windows Phone 7 OS! I was splashed! It was fantastic: The big touch screen, the high resolution and, up to this moment absolutely unknown to me, the Windows Phone market place with amazong apps like Shazam.

I was absolutely impressed because I had got only a HTC touch diaomnd 2 without any market place. Up to this date I wasn’t very interested in apps and I couldn’t understand the need for more then, taking everything into account, 10 apps….

Because I have always been keen on testing something new with computers and mobile phones (if I have seen AND understood it ;-)), I upgraded my HTC to Windows Mobile 6.5 to get the marketplace. For the first couples of days it was really amazing, but then I recognized the limited numbers of apps. At this moment I’ve got a little bit more than 10 apps… 😉

Further more my old phone was limited in performance, too, so I decided after Christmas to invest in a real good mobile phone: The HTC HD 7….

[Part II will be upcoming soon!]

Stay tuned;-)


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