New Windows 8 Calendar App: Google Calendar Sync Discontinued By Microsoft

Windows 8 logoI’ve already reported about issues concerning syncing Google mail / Gmail, Google contacts and Google calendar with Windows 8 apps like mail, contacts and calendar. On the one hand it was a little bit tricky to get things running (Syncing Google Gmail mail and contacts works. The later only for customers who connected their Google Gmail account to windows 8 before January 30, 2013), on the other hand it is just not possible because Google stopped Microsoft Exchange Active Sync support for their products.

But now we are in the next round: Microsoft stopped support for Google calendar syncing because it turned the Windows 8 mail app accounts to the IMAP protocol. Syncing the Google calendar with the Windows 8 mail app is not possible anymore because IMAP does not natively support calendar sync and Microsoft does not support CalDAV. For customers who connected their Google account to Windows 8 before January 30, 2013 it is true, too.

Details of the changes in the Windows 8 apps mail, calendar and contacts can be found on the Windows Experience Blog in the post “The Mail, Calendar and People apps are getting better!“.

Up to calendar app version 16.4.4406.1205 everything is working fine as stated latest on my post “Setting Up Google Contacts In Windows 8 And RT Contact App“. I checked it again today before I updated the Windows 8 apps and it worked:




After that I checked manually my Windows 8 updates and found the following concerning Windows 8 Mail, Calendar, People and Messages:




After the installation had been finished, syncing Google calendar with Windows 8 Calendar app Version 17.0.1114.318 wasn’t possible anymore, neither for already established nor for new Google accounts:

New Windows 8 Calendar App Version 17.0.1114.318



What is really astonishing is that old appointments are still visible, but new ones are not synced.

In my point of view I cannot recommend to update Windows 8 Mail, Calendar, People and Messages apps to you, if you need to get your Google Calendar synced with Windows 8 Calendar app. Just wait until Windows 8 Mail is supporting CalDAV and CardDAV…

Stay tuned! 😉

5 thoughts on “New Windows 8 Calendar App: Google Calendar Sync Discontinued By Microsoft”

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  2. I’ve come across this exact same problem (thanks Microsoft for breaking a perfectly good connection to Google Calendar). Thanks.

    Any idea how to revert back to the old version? I don’t think it’s possible.

      1. Tell me about it. Way to go Microsoft!

        I wonder if System Restore would work? I don’t think that reverts back Windows Store apps though. I’m having trouble with System Restore working generally right now.

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