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iCloud Email In Windows 8 Mail App: Finding Sent Emails On iPhone And iPad

Windows 8 logoA couple of weeks ago I reported how to set up iCloud email in Windows 8 mail app. A reader of, Lesane, asked where emails, which were sent in Windows 8 mail app or Windows Phone 7 or 8 mail app, could be find on the iPhone or iPad. At first, I wondered myself, but the first idea where to find it is wrong: You will not find your email in the ‘Sent’ folder!

Another reader of, David Shipley, immediately presented the correct answer: Your sent email is saved in the folder ‘Sent items’. I checked it by myself:

1. Go to Windows 8 mail app.

2. Choose your / iCloud account.

3. Write and sent your email:



4. Check your ‘Sent’ folder in Windows 8 mail app to be sure that your email was sent correctly:



5. Take your iPhone, iPad or any other iDevice, open the mail app and go to the folder ‘Sent items’ which is normally located at the end of your folder list:



That’s it! Thanks to Lesane and David Shipley for asking and answering!

Stay tuned! ;-)


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