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Sync iCloud Calendars To Android

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Sync iCloud calendars to android via a CalDAV client. Hold your Apple calendars up to date with a two-way synchronisation (not just a transfer!) of iCloud Calendards to android phone or android tablet, e.g. a Samsung Galaxy S10, S20 or S21. I sync my iCloud Calendars to android via the free Google Play Store app “Sync for iCloud (Calendars)” which works with an app-specific password for your iCloud account. “Sync or iCloud” runs perfectly on Android 10 and Android 11.

Most android devices do not have a built-in CalDAV client. Hence, there is the need to install a CalDAV client on android devices to sync iCloud contacts from iPhone, iPad or Mac. In the same manner, iCloud Contacts are synced with android devices via CardDAV protocol. You do not need to transfer iCloud Calendars to a Google Account or copy your iCloud Calendars to android phones!

android Sync iCloud_calendars via CalDAV client Sync for iCloud Calendar

android Sync iCloud_calendars via CalDAV client Sync for iCloud Calendar

There are several apps which serve as CalDAV client for Android to sync iCloud calendars stored in the iCloud Server by using your Apple ID:

My decision was to use the free Sync for iCloud Calendar to sync iCloud calendars because of its also free CardDAV-companion Sync for iCloud Contacts and not to take the often recommended app SmoothSync for Cloud Calendars because of its Samsung Galaxy S5 limitations. Sync for iCloud (Calendars) offers:

  • 2 way synchronization
  • Connects directly to iCloud servers – no third party servers are used.
  • 2 step authentication including a guide
  • App specific password can be generated without leaving the app.
  • Background synchronization
  • Multiple accounts and multiple calendars
  • Use your default calendar to manage events
  • Create new calendars from the app itself

How to set up Sync for iCloud Calendards to Android Phones and tablets

1. Install Sync for iCloud Calendar from Google Play and tap on ‘Install‘.
2. Then ‘Accept‘ the app’s need to access your contacts and calendar.
3. After successfully installation, open Sync for iCloud Calendar and tap on ‘Add Calendar Account‘.
4. Select ‘Sync for iCloud Calendar‘ as account.
5. Fill in your iCloud user name (Apple ID / iCloud email) and your iCloud app-specific password.
6. Select the iCloud calendars via taping on the link.
7. iCloud Family calendar is also supported and can be selected.
8. Fill in the contacts account name, e.g.’iCloud Calendars‘.


Syncing iCloud calendars with android devices works seamlessly by using a CalDAV client. Sync for iCloud Calendar is a free CalDAV client app that does what it should without any problems. What CalDAV client are you using? And what kind of android device do you have? Let us know and comment!

Stay Tuned! 😉

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