Android: How To Sync iCloud Notes With Android Phones And Tablets

android icon greenLearn how to sync iCloud notes from your iPhone, iPad and Mac with any android phone and android tablet using third-party apps like Notepad.  This app directly syncs iCloud notes with iCloud to iOS devices or Mac and does not sync via a third-party cloud service, e.g. Dropbox. In addition to sync iCloud notes, you can also sync iCloud reminderssync iCloud contacts with android devices via CardDAV and sync iCloud calendars with android devices via CalDAV.

Updat April 20, 2018: Notepad (Version 1.8, March 13, 2014) is not available anymore. So does iNotes. I recommend to use ImapNotes2. Set up is similar to Notepad. Keep on reading… 🙂

Update September 9, 2015: Notepad (Version 1.8, March 13, 2014) is available again!

Update April 10, 2015: Notepad is not available on Google Play Store anymore. I recommend to use ImapNotes2. Set up is similar to Notepad. Keep on reading… 🙂

Update April 15, 2015: Notepad is back again on Google Play Store!

Sync iCloud notes on android with Notepad

Sync iCloud notes on android with Notepad

There are only some apps syncing directly iCloud notes with android phones and tablets:
  • Notepad (free, supports multiple Gmail, iCloud notes)
  • iNotes – Sync Note with iOS (supports multiple iCloud, Gmail [authorization problems], Google apps notes)
  • ImapNotes2 (free, supports Gmail, Google apps, iCloud, AOL, Yahoo notes)

My decision was to install Notepad to sync iCloud notes because…

  • it is a free app,
  • you can sync Gmail Notes as well (Google apps notes NOT supported, use ImapNotes2 or iNotes  instead)
  • add several iCloud and Gmail accounts and, last but not least,
  • it is working seamlessly.

Here’s how to sync iCloud notes with Android Phones and Android tablets (this tutorial was performed on a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini (SM-G800F) running on android 4.4.2 KitKat.

  1. Install‘ Notepad from the Google Play store.
  2. Then ‘Accept‘ the app’s need to access your network connections. It does not require any special permissions.
  3. After successfully installation, open Notepad, tap on the ‘man’ symbol.

    android Notepad sync iCloud notes_01_start screen

    android Notepad sync iCloud notes_01_start screen

  4. Then tap on the ‘+’ to add an account.

    android Notepad sync iCloud notes_02_add account

    android Notepad sync iCloud notes_02_add account

  5. Fill in your iCloud user name (Apple ID / iCloud email) and your iCloud password. Note: 2-Step-authentication is NOT supported by Notepad.

    android Notepad sync iCloud notes_03_setting up iCloud account

    android Notepad sync iCloud notes_03_setting up iCloud account

  6. After tapping ‘Done‘ your iCloud notes are set up.

    android Notepad sync iCloud notes_04_iCloud account set up

    android Notepad sync iCloud notes_04_iCloud account set up

  7. Immediately, all your iCloud notes are synced.

    android Notepad sync iCloud notes_05_synced iCloud notes

    android Notepad sync iCloud notes_05_synced iCloud notes

  8. To add a new note, select your iCloud account and tap on ‘+’.
  9. After writing the new note, you MUST tap on the ‘Save‘ symbol to save the new note. There is NO automatic save mode!

    android Notepad sync iCloud notes_06_adding note from android to iCloud

    android Notepad sync iCloud notes_06_adding note from android to iCloud

  10. The saved note is immediately synced via iCloud to your iOS devices…

    android Notepad sync iCloud notes_07_added note from android to iCloud synced on iPad

    android Notepad sync iCloud notes_07_added note from android to iCloud synced on iPad

  11. …and to your Mac.

    android Notepad sync iCloud notes_08_added note from android to iCloud synced on Mac

    android Notepad sync iCloud notes_08_added note from android to iCloud synced on Mac

  12. Further more, you can add several iCloud or Gmail notes account.

    android Notepad sync iCloud notes_09_several iCloud accounts added

    android Notepad sync iCloud notes_09_several iCloud accounts added


Syncing iCloud notes and Gmail notes with android devices works seamlessly by using Notepad. In addition, several iCloud notes and Gmail accounts can be added.

Stay Tuned! 😉

65 thoughts on “Android: How To Sync iCloud Notes With Android Phones And Tablets”

    1. I’m switching from an iPhone 6s plus to a Samsung note 5 and want my notes from my icloud account to sync to my android phone. I have downloaded your notepad app and was able to open an account but the notes will not sync. What should I do. Thank you.

        1. Thank you for your response. Where do I find out if I have a 2-step authenticator. I have a Windows computer. Do I find it in settings in my iCloud account or some place on my galaxy note 5 phone.

          1. Hi nbenm,

            I know your app, but I didn’t get it to work for both Gmail and iCloud notes. 🙁
            I used my email address, corresponding password and for Gmail and for iCloud. No Luck.

            Gee Are

            1. I was able to add an account but was not able to sync my notes from my existing icloud account to my galaxy note 5. Can you assist with how to actual sync my notes from icloud to my galaxy note 5.

              1. Hi Denise,

                do you have the 2-Step-Authentication on iCloud activated? This will not work with these apps.

                If you did not activate it, just try on of the other apps mentioned in my post.

                Gee Are

                1. Where would I look for a step 2 authenticator in iCloud. I have a Windows computer would I have to use the computer and sign into my iCloud account or my galaxy note 5 phone to find out. Please let me know as I would really like my notes synced in my galaxy 5 phone as soon as I can get it to work. Thank you.

                  1. Hi I just checked to see if the 2-step authenticator was activated and it is not. I would have to set it up but I will not Because I am switching from the iPhone 6s Plus to the Samsung Galaxy note 5.

                    Anyway I have tried the imapnotes2 app and am able to set up the account with your suggestions but am not sure how to actually get the notes to sync from my iCloud account. Would you send me the steps please. I went to menu in the upper right corner of the app and refreshed but my notes did not came through. Please assist.

                    1. Hi Denise,

                      btw, the 2-step-authetication works also on none Apple products, if the is capable to manage this.

                      Please, try another app than imapnotes2. Does the problem still persist?

                      Gee Are

                  2. Hi Gee Are,

                    Thanks for your reply.
                    I don’t understand. Here’s how I do for Gmail, Aol and Yahoo:

                    username: -> my email address
                    password: xxxxxxxx

                    username: myusername -> not email address
                    password: xxxxxxxx

                    username: myusername -> not email address
                    password: xxxxxxxx

                    Can you please try again, and tell me what phone/tablet and Android version you use.

                    For me it can potentially be used my any map server. I use it with my own server, and with some others to do tests.

                    It can even be used with Kerio Connect servers which use “sticky notes”. Sticky notes are slightly different from Apple notes.



                    1. Hi nbenm,

                      thanks for your reply! Here are my results:
                      – Standard Gmail agains works. I had to activate “less secure apps” in my Google settings and select “Accept Untrusted Certificates for this server” in ImapNotes2
                      – Google apps account is working with standard settings.
                      – iCloud is working with username without or and with

                      Compared to Notepad, the advantage of ImapNotes2 is the support of Google apps Notes, the disadvantage is that multiple accounts are not possible. you have to login every time you switch an account.

                      OP updated. 😉

                      Gee Are

                      1. Hi Nadia,

                        I do trust nobody, but me. 😉

                        But seriously, I would never ever store my passwords in any notes app! I recommend to use a password app like Enpass, my personal favorite:

                        Further more, I recommend to use two Apple IDs, one for the very important things like purchases or passwords, the other one for testing things like this note app.

                        In the end, it is all on yourself!

                        Gee Are

                    2. Hi, I am switching to a Samsung Galaxy S6 (from iPhone) and trying to get notepad to sync with icloud is driving me nuts. Neither my Gmail sign-in info nor my icloud info works. When I select either account I get the error “validate failure, please re-input the account and a correct password.” I know these are the correct passwords as I can go to both locations and sign on with the same data.

                      Any suggestions? I still need to go through trying to sync Calendar, Contacts and bookmarks. If I can’t figure this out quickly I’m about ready to return the Samsung and get an iPhone 6 🙁

                      – SKSnell

                      1. Hi Shari,

                        just check alternate options like ImapNotes2 mentioned by nbenm or in this post.

                        Do you have a two-step authentication activated? This could be the reason for your issue.

                        Gee Are

                    3. Hello Gee Are,

                      Imapnotes2 is getting new functions.
                      It works now offline and uses Android sync adapter as well as Android account manager.
                      Sync is done in the background, and sync interval can be different for each account.
                      Sync can also be done “on demand”.
                      it’s still free and open source.


                    4. I am syncing my Outlook notes to, iPad and an Android phone. Thanks to the tools here the last piece of puzzle (Android) is in place.

                      I am wary of giving my information to some proprietary sofware with little background info, so instead of Notepad I went with Imapnotes2. Free and opensource and it worked for my accounts.

                      I do have a few feature requests / suggestions for the developer. Sorry for posting them here but I didn’t find a way to contact him on GitHub. Also want to stress out that this program works fine as it is, the suggestions below are for making an already good program better.

                      – Can we please have an option to change the background. The intense deep yellow is a bit distracting when working with text.

                      – An undo function would be a life saver. Outlook notes do not have it and it’s a major omission.

                      – An autosave will be also helpful. Nothing like typing for ten minutes & then the program crashes 🙁

                      – A backup function would also be very helpful. Plain text backup to Dropbox, or just creating a zip file with plain text backup files that could be exported.

                      – Another helpful feature would be a “global” notes list showing notes from all accounts, and a “global” search.

                    5. Hi there and thanks for te article. I have a problem. My icloud has the same email as my gmail so how do i tell notes to use the icloud and not the gmail? thank you.

                      1. Hi David,

                        you should always got an iCloud email. Look for it on your Apple ID account on the Apple website. Rhis that email for iCloud, the Gmail one for Gmail notes.

                        Gee Are

                        1. The sync doesn’t work for me. My apple ID is actually a account however as it doesn’t take that I’m using my account instead. I can’t see the notes I already have on iCloud. Any ideas?

                        2. Sync with iTunes USED to work, not any more with imapnote2. It died within the last week.

                          App is useless now with the exception of retrieving (archived) info from your device.

                          Any one know how to export the notes from imapnote2 to another document? is there a file one can retrieve with or without root access?

                        3. thanks a lot man it work with me but how to transfer to Samsung Apps
                          I don’t wont use Icloud as back up

                        4. Good morning Gee,

                          Thank you for an amazing article – detailed and easy to understand.

                          However, the link for app doesn’t work. Any thoughts on what I can use as a replacement?

                        5. An i note has been shared in an email to my gmail address ad I want to access it on my Android phone (Lenovo handset)
                          I’ve tried installing Inotes, Imapnotes2 as well but am unable access the notes. I keep getting an error saying there is a port error.

                          1. Hey everyone. After a year using notepad, wasn’t really happy especially cause it wouldn’t allow me to search for notes. finally i found a much better way. you won’t have notes on your icloud but they will synch between mac and android thanks to the desktop version. the solution is simplenote. it’s free. works great. i just had to copy paste all my notes from my apple notes desktop app into simplenote. i know this sounds like i work for the app but i don’t. you can check it. there’s a previous comment of mine from 2015. just thought i shared it with you guys since you helped me previously. ciao!

                          1. It appears that notepad is no longer around, it shows that this is not in my country. Is there another way of doing this?

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                          3. Seems the icloud-sync has been removed from the Notepad app? Just downloaded it, and there does not seem to be the man icon described above. (Using Samsung A3 2017)

                          4. Please may you put the link to the right notepad application ???
                            I’ve downloaded 9 apps but non of them has the details you captured in the article

                          5. Iam in india, tell me the way out.. the links of your app do not work.
                            I wish to sync Mac notes with android.
                            I have one plus 5t.

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