COOKOO Watch: Setting Up SMS And Voicemail Notifications For Google Voice

COOKOO watch iconGoogle Voice allows its users to forward voicemails and SMS messages. This allows COOKOO watch to get notifications for these events. To set up your account, you will need to have created a ConnecteDevice accountYou will receive three new unique email addresses, named ‘token’:  One token for email forwarding, one for SMS forwarding and another for Voicemail forwarding.

First you must set up your Google Voice account to forward voicemail and text messages to your token account provided in the email you received when registering your account in the COOKOO app.

Here’s how to set up Google Voice forwarding using the SMS token:

  1. Open Google Voice settings.
  2. Select “Voicemail & Text”.
  3. Ensure Voicemail Notifications is checked for “Email the message to:”.
  4. Select your SMS token email address if listed or add it using “Add new email address”.
  5. Click “Save changes” to make apply all changes.

An ‘Google Voice tutorial’ is available here, too.

The above mentioned ‘how to’ does not work for free Google apps account because you are not permitted to add alternate email addresses from outside your group. Therefore, you have to set up forwarding through email filtering using the email token:

  1. Go to Google Voice “Settings”.
  2. Choose “Voicemail & Text”.
  3. Enable Forward text messages to my email.
  4. Go to Gmail and choose “Settings”.
  5. Choose “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”.
  6. Click on the button “Add a forwarding address”.
  7. Add email token as email address. You should then receive an email titled “Forwarding Confirmation” for your email token. Enter the provided confirmation code in Step 5.
  8. In Google Settings, choose Filters and click on the Create a new filter link.
  9. In the Subject field, enter “SMS from” (without quotes), then click on Create filter with this search.

Once this is done, you will begin to receive SMS and Voicemail SMS notifications for your Google Voice account on your watch when it is connected to your phone.

Note: If you add a new email address you will need to refresh your screen to see it once confirmed. You should be aware of that your email will be forwarded to your email token address! But your privacy will be ensured as the emails will be immediately deleted on the ConnecteDevice server as the COOKOO support stated on my inquiry.

Stay tuned! 😉

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