Fixing Notes Crashes And Exchange Syncing Bugs on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Update: Fixing Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Notes Crashes And Exchange Syncing Bugs

Mac OS X 10.9 IconIn this post I show you how to fix Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks Notes crashes and Notes syncing bugs with an exchange server. The fix should work on previous Mac OS X versions like 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion, too. Upgrading to Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks lead to several bugs concerning Gmail and exchange syncing. Further more, it could lead to Notes crashes and syncing bugs with exchange server. I on my own faced these two major bugs on my MacBook Pro (mid 2012).

First, I got Gmail and Exchange mail syncing problems. I could not move mails from the inboxes to a folder. All moved mails appeared again in the inbox after a few seconds when I went back to the inbox. I posted a fix to overcome the Gmail bug which perfectly works for me. In the meantime, Apple released an update for the to resolve the Gmail bug.

Second, the Notes app did not sync my Microsoft Exchange account, nor from my Mac to the exchange server, neither from the exchange server to my Mac. I fixed it following this work around:

Caution: If you got, in addition to IMAP and/or Exchange notes, sole-locally stored notes or POP3 notes, you have to take care on your own to save them separately! If you do not save them, they will be gone / deleted following this instruction! Following these steps is at your own risk!

  1. Go to ‘System Preferences…‘, ‘Internet accounts‘ and deactivate all ‘Notes‘.
  2. Close Notes app.
  3. Go to finder and click on ‘Macintosh HD/library/caches‘. Drag all the contents of the folder to the trash.
  4. Click on the finder, click ‘Go‘, hold the option key and click on ‘libraries‘ (will not appear if you don’t hold the option key). Go to the folder ‘Cashes‘ again and drag everything in the folder to the trash again.
  5. Click on the finder, click ‘Go‘, hold the option key and click on ‘Library‘ and then on the folder ‘Containers‘. Drag to the trash.
  6. Restart your computer.
  7. Empty trash.
  8. Open notes again and wait for a while till updating of Notes app is finished.

Cleaning caches and notes app container resolves Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks Notes crashes and exchange syncing issues on Mac OS X. Could you fix it, too? Let us know and post your experience!

Stay tuned! 😉

52 thoughts on “Fixing Notes Crashes And Exchange Syncing Bugs on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks”

    1. Thanks Gee Are,

      That linked me with the notes I had made on my iPhone.
      I cannot access the dozens of notes that I created on the Mac, though. I saved each one as email drafts. I trashed the Macintosh HD/library/caches. Rather than trash the folder, I renamed it and the contents and moved it to my desktop. Any way to retrieve my contents from there and merge with my exchange notes? I’d rather not manually recreate them.


      1. Hi John,

        are your notes on your Mac indeed on your exchange server, too?
        If so all notes should be synced after following this work around.
        If your notes are not on your exchange server, first make this workaround, then rename the com.apples.notes folder to its original name and then it should be synced with your exchange server.

        Gee Are

    2. John – are you still out there? I’m having this issue on my Macbook Pro. MacOS Sierra (10.12.2). Notes do not show in the The weird thing is, I have the same software on my Macbook Air and the notes work there. I have tried clearing both Library > Caches as recommended to no avail. Is there a new or different set of instructions for 10.12.2?

    3. Wolfgang Schnermann

      Hi Gee! Yeah, your Workgroups solches the Problem; but I did not Dörte the whole cashes Files I just deleted the Container Files of the notes App. Thanks for your hint!!

  1. I still have syncing problem with Mail using Exchange server after the Mail update. The automatically mail checking option (using push technology) doesn’t work so I switched back to every minute. For a while it seems working but after then the mails stop syncing from the server. I tried your solution but I delete too from the Containers folder. I’ll back with the result after a day or two.

  2. My notes are synced to office365 account and since updating to Mavericks i was prompted for a password every time it opened. Entering the correct password didn’t work. I followed these instructions and now i have no issues with Notes syncing to exchange.

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  4. I’m sorry, bit I’m french, and, even if I can understand english quite well, I can’t follow your procedure : I can’t find “Macintosh HD/library/caches” in my Finder..
    I’m sorry, but I’m quite new on Mac, and I know I’ve changed a parameter on note, and I think that’s what is making it crash all the time.
    Exept that, as it crashes, I do not have time to change anything in the parameters of the application.
    Could really appreciate you help for sure …

    1. Hi Chris,

      it doesn’t matter that your are French, nobody is perfect! 🙂

      The folder ‘Macintosh HD/library/caches’ could also be named as Name_of_your_Mac_Hard_Disk/librarycaches.
      Go to Finder, click on ‘Devices’ and look for your Mac’s Hard disk name. Click on that name and then search for the folder ‘library’. There you click on the folder ‘caches’.

      To get to the preferences of the Notes app, open Notes app, then click on ‘Notes’ (top left) and after that on ‘Preferences…’. There you can look for the parameters of Notes app.

      Gee Are

  5. You’re a gem! I’m not a single bit computer savvy and this worked like a charm to fix my notes on MacBook. I can’t tell you how much you just made my life easier…THANKS a mil!!

  6. Now my notes on my MacBook Air are blank…and I’ve waited 15 minutes since doing the steps above. My notes on my iPhone and at match, however.

    How do I sync on my MacBook?

    1. Hi Vincent,

      First, heck your notes on your exchange server. They should be still there. If not, your notes have not been synced with your Mac before.

      If the notes are still there, repeat the entire process. If you still did bot succeeded, I recommend to completely re-set up your Exchange Account on your Mac because in this case there must be something wrong with your Exchange Account on your Mac (meaning that it is not a Mavericks issue).

      Gee Are

      1. I went to System Preferences>Internet Accounts>iCloud>Notes>uncheck Notes>Delete from Mac>Checked Notes again….and it repopulated.

        Thank you for your help!

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  8. It was a great relief to find this fix. Thank you!

    Given that I’m extremely lazy, on my second mac I followed the exact same procedure but skipped steps 3 and 4 (the deletion of the caches) and was pleased to find that your fix still worked perfectly well.

    Thanks again!

  9. Hi Gee Are,
    I’ve done what you write but I cannot enable Note on the Exchange Internet Account setting. It start doing something but the rolling wheel does not stop.
    On iCloud Internet everything is ok.


    1. Hi Propertius,

      have you already checked your notes in your IMAP or exchange account online or on another device? If you got an IMAP or Exchange account as I stated in this posts, your notes couldn’t be deleted completely.

      Gee Are

      1. This did not work for me either. In fact, I followed everything step by step, but it does not load ANY of my notes on the desktop now, not just the exchange notes.

        All of my notes are still visible on my phone and by signing directly into my exchange account on the web, but that doesn’t make what happened here okay. I had 2 perfectly fine accounts that are gone, even when I check the accounts back on in Internet Accounts. Not sure what is causing this issue, but let the record show that results in messing with these settings are going to be mixed at best.

        It’s a good thing I did a Time Machine backup before I started messing with this stuff. I’m not going to go through the process of signing out/deleting accounts just to try and set them up to hopefully, maybe work again, and then lose everything. I would rather have 2 accounts that work than none at all.

  10. Thank you so much for the help. Even a novice to Mac OS like me managed to follow these directions and remedy my notes crashing after the upgrade.

  11. Thank you SO much! Ive been struggling with this for days. By the time I found your post I was doubtful this could be fixed, and didn’t think advice pertaining to Mavericks would pertain to 2016 El Capitan on a late 2008 MacBook. But it worked. Thanks for giving me control of my system again.

  12. Hi Gee R,
    I did it and it works on a slightly old iMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2011). Thank you Gee Are!!!!

    I’m wondering if the same process might work also for other APPs when a re-configuration is needed.

    1. ok
    2. ok
    3. root/Library/Caches to be cleaned
    4. ../user/Library/Caches to be cleaned
    5. ../user/Library/Containers/
    6. restart
    7. empty trash
    8. relaunch app

    I’m going to test it right now at my own risk of course ….


    PS: your answer is anyway MORE than appreciated

  13. Gee,
    i tried the work around again since there was new activity on this thread today, but it did not work. My notes are not syncing on my Macbook Air. I have since upgraded to Mojave.

  14. You, sir, are a legend – this still works in August 2019, with every other suggestion on the web failing!
    Thank you very much.

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