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iOS 6 iconAs I reported some days ago, I got severe problems in updating my iPad 2, especially with iTunes: Updating iOS 6: No Luck With Troubleshooting iTunes Match Problems

I tried it in a lot of different ways, but I was not lucky in finding a solution… But the user ‘PatFig’ in the Apple discussion forums found a solution.

This helped some people to fix iPhone 4S’s locally corrupted iTunes library for all music and music-video collection! It will take 5 minutes to repair:

  1. Google, download and install iExplorer (freeware)
  2. Plug in iPad first, then open iExplorer
  3. Delete the iPadMediaiTunes_Control folder
  4. Turn on iCloud/match in my iPad’s iOS settings, which replaced the iPads music library with iCloud

Now you should never see the following things again:

Stay tuned! 😉

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