How To Adjust Content From Your Google+ Circles

.Google Plus icon..or how to find the Google+ ‘volume control’ button of your stream:

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You can customize your Google+ home page by adjusting the flow of content from specific circles in the ‘All’ view. Click the menu that says ‘More’ at the top of your Google+ home page. Then choose a circle name from the drop down menu. Use the slider at the top of the page to adjust the quantity of content delivered from that circle to your Home page.

For example, imagine your ‘Photographers’ circle is much more active than your ‘Family’ circle, and you’re worried about missing content from your family on your Home page. You can adjust the slider for your ‘Photographers’ circle to ‘Show fewer…’ and the control for your ‘Family’ circle to ‘Show everything…’ This way your Home page will show the right amount of content from each circle.

Note: After adjusting your circle sliders, it may take a moment before the changes are reflected in the ‘All’ view.

Tip: On some browsers, especially on mobile devices like iPad and Co., you will not see the ‘volume control’ button at first glance. You have to make a finger tip an the place in the upper right corner where the button should appear.

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