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Setting Up Google Calendar Sync In Windows 8 With Outlook 2010 And 2013

Google Gmail LogoMost of you who would like to sync Google Gmail calendar with windows 8 are annoyed  because Google stopped supporting Microsoft Exchange Active Sync protocol. Some days ago I described a possibility to get at least a ‘read only’ syncing back to Windows 8 calendar app. But theres is still a work around to get your Google Gmail calendar really synced in both directions with Windows 8!

What you need is Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013 running on Windows 8 and the program ‘Google Calendar Sync’. This program is no longer supported by Google and therefore cannot be downloaded officially any more on Google sites. But you can download a backup of Google Calendar Sync from miApple.me: GoogleCalendarSync_Installer.exe 

Google Calendar Sync Installer
Google Calendar Sync Installer
Version: 3
1.1 MiB

After downloading and executing the file ‘GoogleCalendarSync_Installer.exe’ ‘as administrator’ a window pops up where you fill in your Google account email address and password:

Google Calendar Sync 1

Source: miApple.me


After clicking the button ‘save’ the syncing should start. The program is running in the background. You can find it in the task bar. If you like to change the account you can do this under ‘Options’. You can force syncing, too:

Google Calendar Sync 2

Source: miApple.me


In my case I got an Google Calendar Sync error message ‘error -2147318779’. I found an old thread about this issue from February 2009 which was recently updated by a user named ‘meister2681’ on November 2012. He described the work around for Office 2013 rial which works for Outlook 2010, too, with little modifications:

  1. Navigate to [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TypeLib\{00062FFF-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\
  2. Rename 9.5 to ‘DoNotUseThis9.5’
  3. Close Outlook 2010 and Calendar sync
  4. Restart Outlook 2010
  5. Restart Calendar sync
Google Calendar Sync 3

Source: miApple.me


I test it with some appointments I made on the Google calendar website:

Google Calendar Sync 4

Source: miApple.me


..and immediately after forcing the syncing process the appointments appeared in Outlook 2010:

Google Calendar Sync 5

Source: miApple.me


But what about syncing multiple Google accounts instead of one single account? Just config different outlook profiles! You will be ask which profile you want to use every time you start outlook. Choose the outlook profile you want to use on the one hand, on the other hand go to Google Calendar Sync ‘Options’ and fill in the Google account you want to sync:

Google Calendar Sync 6

Source: miApple.me

That’s all!

Stay tuned! 😉

6 thoughts on “Setting Up Google Calendar Sync In Windows 8 With Outlook 2010 And 2013”

  1. Thanks for your valuable information 🙂 !! I strongly agree that it is really annoying when Microsoft stop ‘communicating’ with Google anymore in its calendar app!! 🙁

    I tried your method, but I found that only the ‘primary’ one will sync successfully. Because I had more than 1 calendar in my Google account (I split it into several calendars like ‘ work’, ‘birthday’….), is there any solution to sync all calendars to outlook? thanks a lot !!


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    2. Is this still a viable option? I used Google sync on my previous PC but didn’t have it on this one. Suddenly my outlook 2013 starting giving me errors when I tried to sync my Google calendar via internet subscription. I’ve been trying other options and going back to this is one. I downloaded it from the link in this post and when I try to log into google from it I get an error saying my login and password don’t match (even though they’re correct). Any other recommendations?

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