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Windows 8 logoI’ve already reported about issues concerning syncing Google mail / Gmail, Google contacts and Google calendar with Windows 8 apps like mail, contacts and calendar. On the one hand it was a little bit tricky to get things running (Syncing Google Gmail mail and contacts works. The later only for customers who connected their Google Gmail account to windows 8 before January 30, 2013), on the other hand it is just not possible because Google stopped Microsoft Exchange Active Sync support for their products.

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Windows 8 logoYesterday I described how to set up syncing Gmail in Windows 8 and RT mail app because Google cancelled the support of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync for new subscribers and for new devices on January 30, 2013 (for Windows Phones on July 31, 2013). Now you’ve got to use IMAP for emails, CalDAV for calendars and CardDav for contacts. Right now Microsoft does not support neither the pushing function of IMAP, nor CalDAV and CardDAV.

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.Google Plus icon..or how to find the Google+ ‘volume control’ button of your stream:

Google+ - Finding the 'Volume Control' Button

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You can customize your Google+ home page by adjusting the flow of content from specific circles in the ‘All’ view. Click the menu that says ‘More’ at the top of your Google+ home page. Then choose a circle name from the drop down menu. Use the slider at the top of the page to adjust the quantity of content delivered from that circle to your Home page.