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iCloud logoOne week ago I successfully upgraded my Acer Aspire 1810T to Windows 8. On the one hand everything seems to works well, I think there are significant performance improvements, too. On the other hand some little anoying issues came up: The Windows Mail App isn’t able to show tasks (I will report on this issue in the next days) and Outlook 2010 does not show any iCloud contacts or tasks.

And it is like any problem: I’m not alone, there are many people which struggle with the same issue. It seems that so many of you have got trouble that Apple released a support document: After you upgrade to Windows 8, the iCloud Control Panel 2.0 requires you to re-enter your password. When you open Outlook 2007 or 2010, you can still see your iCloud folders, but you may also see an alert message:

“The set of folders cannot be opened. The information store could not be opened.”

You will need to re-sync the iCloud data file. To re-sync the iCloud data file, follow the instructions below:

  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Click the Windows Start button, and then choose Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > Mail.
  3. Select Data Files.
  4. Select iCloud from the list of accounts. Click the Settings button. Click Close.
  5. Open Outlook to confirm that your iCloud folders are now available.

But there is a mistake in number 2. The correct choice is Control Panel > Mail > User Accounts! I did it like it was decribed but it didn’t worked for me. Reinstalling iCloud 2.0 didn’t solved the problem, too.

Source: microsoft.com

But installing the Office 365 Home Premium Preview (Update: Office 365 is already out now! Bonus: Getting Unlimited OneDrive Cloud Storage With Office 365) works perfectly with iCloud! I’ve got my iCloud emails, contacts and tasks. But you should keep in mind that the Office Preview is only for a limited time till the final version is released (60 days overlapping time), after that all your data will be transformed into read-only modus.

Stay tuned! 😉

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    • Gee Are Pabst
      Gee Are Pabst says:

      ‘Read only’ is possible via calendar abonnement:
      – Go to http://www.iCloud.com, login, choose calendar, click on the ‘WiFi’-like Logo next to the calendar you want to see in Windows mail app, choose public calendar, send link to your outlook.com or Windows Live email address
      – Login to outlook.com or Windows Live account, go to calendar in the PC website view, click on ‘subscribe’, choose a calendar name and paste the iCloud calendar link
      That’s it! Now you should see the iCloud calendar in the Windows mail app

      Cheers and stay tuned! 😉
      Gee Are

  1. Joerg
    Joerg says:

    I installed Office 365 preview an a Windows 8 pro machine and than installed iCloud 2. In the iCloud panel it tells me that I’m connected via Outlook for mail, contacts….. but when I open Outlook I only see ICloud and two folders under it Trash and Search Folders. I don’t see anything else.
    Any idea since you got he 365 Outlook to run properly?

      • Joerg
        Joerg says:

        Ok, no I did not, I thought iCloud 2 will do that. So I just add an account to outlook via manual configuration or should I use the automatic one.

        By the way your configuration help for the standard mail program in Win 8 worked great and I finally got that done but I like to get Outlook going as well.

        Thanks for your help

  2. Joerg
    Joerg says:

    I tried manually and it does not work. Here is the settings I use:



    do not check SPA

    On the advanced tab I did:

    check on: My outgoing SMTP requires …..
    check on: Use same settings as my incoming server

    Ports: Incoming 993 and SSL checked Outgoing 587 and None

    When I then continue it is able to log onto the server but the test email does not pass.

  3. Joerg
    Joerg says:

    I found out what the problem is. The difference is probably that I never had never a previous office version installed on this computer. iCloud 2 installed an Outlook data file but the file is corrupt and causes 365 to crash when you try to open advanced properties.
    However I was able to configure iCloud email on Outlook. I was able to connect to the imap server but the attempt to send an email during the configuration failed. To make the outgoing mail work I used TSL instead of SSL. That made the outgoing part work.

  4. Julie
    Julie says:

    I can use iCloud mail in Outlook, but I cannot see all of my mail folders. I followed the above directions:
    2. Click the Windows Start button, and then choose Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > Mail.
    3. Select Data Files.
    4. Select iCloud from the list of accounts. Click the Settings button. Click Close.

    When I click the Settings button with my iCloud email data file selected, I get the following error:
    Your Outlook data file cannot be configured. C:\Users\Julie\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\juliexxx@me.com.ost


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