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Troubleshooting ‘Open In’: Missing Apps

20120520-215718.jpgLast week I faced the problem with ‘Open in’ documents like pdf-files with my favorite app FTP On The Go. Some minutes before I installed some HP printer apps and after that I wanted to open a pdf-file with FTP On The Go, but this app was missed in the ‘Open in’ select menu!

As you may know in this menu up to 10 apps could be shown. Why exactly ten, nobody knows…

FTP On The Go was ranked on the 7th place, but then it was gone. I made a little google search and found that apple hasn’t made any obvious rules why some apps are in the menu and why sometimes some apps are kick out.

One reported that the main problem is iBooks. So I deleted iBooks on my iPhone and to my surprise FTP On The Go is now on rank 1! To be on the safe side I deinstalled some other apps which are not so important for me and then I reinstalled iBooks: iBooks is again on rank 1, FTP On The Go at place 7. But you have to take care to reinstall all other apps because there is the risk of loosing your favorite app again… In my case some apps appeared behind FTP On The Go, some were rank higher than FTP On The Go…

Up to now there is not a real solution for that problem despite deinstalling other apps which are in the ‘Open in’ menu. But I still keep on looking for one…

Stay tuned! 😉

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