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Troubleshooting Facetime and iMessage Problem and Fix

20120517-091849.jpgHi folks, last week I tested iMessage and Facetime on two different iPads in my home’s WiFi and it worked perfectly, but when I tried the same to contact a friend of mine it failed. I thought that it was my friend’s personal problem because she is not so fit with iOS as I am…

On the next visit a her home I tried everything to connect her iPad and my iPad, but I failed. To check if it is a problem of her iPad or a general one, I sent a message to my second iPad at my home and tried a facetime call, too. When I was at home I saw NOTHING on my second iPad: whether an iMessage nor a Factime call. I checked iMessage and factime again at my home and it still works,…

This was the point when I started a google search about facetime and iMessage issue and problems and found some fixes or solutions.And, again, surprise, surprise, I am not the only one in the world who faces that problem! It seems that not every option works for everybody. Therefore you have to try it yourself:

Official Apple support pages:

On the web I found the following solutions reported:

Option A)
1. Go to settings > genera l> date&time > set automaticaly, turn it on if it wasn’t
2. Then settings > general > reset > reset network settings

Option B)
1. Turn off iMessage
2. Connect to wifi
3. Change the DNS to or
4. Restart the phone
5. Turn on iMessage and it should activate
6. Delete the above manual DNS entry

Option C)
Update your date/time settings:
1. Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Automatically: Slide “ON”
2. If it’s already on, then slide it off
3. chill for a bit and restart the iPhone/iPad
4. then slide it back on.

Up to now my friend tested option A) and it still doesn’t work. We will check the other options as soon as possible and I will continue reporting the results…

Stay tuned! 😉

4 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Facetime and iMessage Problem and Fix”

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  3. Option B is what worked for me!
    When I checked my DNS settings, it was actually set to our office DNS and when I changed it to and it worked. My iMessages are synced now in all places! Thanks much.

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