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iTunes 11 iconFor a couple of months I’ve faced the problem of white pages in iTunes. Each time I opened the iTunes Store on my Windows 7 64 Bit PC (acer aspire 1810T), I got a white iTunes Store page (same to iTunes Match pages). After awhile only a few pictures arose, most of them did not, showing only a “?” instead of a picture. This trouble began with iTunes 10.x, so far I remember. I tried to downgrade to iTunes 9.x, but it showed then the same failure.

By the time being, I got used to it, I mostly used the iTunes Store on my iPhone or my iPad. But a few weeks ago the next problem occured:
The iTunes WLAN Sync failed with my iPhone and my iPad. I tried a lot of different tips I found in the internet but nothing solved my WLAN Sync issue.

Today I found the solution for both problems!

I just installed Microsoft Fix it 50203, rebooted my PC, started iTunes and immediately the WLAN Syncs of both devices started! Further more, going to the iTunes Store not a single “?” occured anymore. The only thing I have to admit is that the speed of the iTunes Store is still slow, but faster then before (in my opinion the speed is a general issue of the iTunes program itself).

Problems solved!

Stay tuned! 😉

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