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PhotoSync – A Versatile and Powerful Photo Syncing App

Update: PhotoSync 2.0 review

PhotoSync App LogoI must admit that I undervalued PhotoSync (universal app for iPhone and iPad) for the first time some months ago. Photostream and iCloud were just released and I thought that Photosync was redundant. Further more, I was upset that the Windows companion was crushing all the time, so I uninstalled the PhotoSync Windows companion (in the mean time I’m convinced that the reason for that was the same as described here).

After doing the Microsoft fix I reinstalled the latest PhotoSync Windows companion (I closed the running iTunes before installation!) and now everything is working perfectly!

PhotoSync 1.5 has everything I want and need: Beside the obvious syncing to different computers, iPhones and iPads and the ‘standard’ connections to iDisk, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Google+/Picasa, PhotoSync syncs photos and videos to social networks and photosharing communities (facebook, Flickr, SmugMug, Zenfolio, 500px). But that’s not all!

?PhotoSync – transfer photos
?PhotoSync – transfer photos

So why I’m now so keen on PhotoSync? The one big issue I miss in the iCloud Photostream is to organize directly the photos you are willing to sync. And that is possible with PhotoSync because it has the possibility to sync to WebDAV and FTP/SFTP, too. One tricky thing is to find out the correct settings. For my NAS, a My Book Live, the FTP-settings are as follows:

It is important just to use the IP-address without any slash!

To find the correct settings of my WebDAV-client (SMEstorage) was a little bit more tricky. I googled for some solutions and found one hint in the touchbyte support community (touchbyte is the company behind PhotoSync). I wrote an email and got within a couples of minutes a reply to my questions by one of the managing directors (!), Hendrik Holtmann. And now it works perfectly with the following settings:

What do you want more? A high performance app together with an extreme fast support…

Stay tuned! 😉

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