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miCloud – My Private iCloud: Simply Done!

miappleme_Big_1I’m not really a fan of things I cannot see or touch. Therefor I’m not really a fan of cloud computing, too, but it is a very versatile tool.

So I was looking for an alternative for a longer time. On the one hand there are the expensive ones: NAS-drives by, e.g., Synology. On the other hand there are the cheap ones: External USB-drives at round about 50 Euros (1 TB) connected directly to, e.g., your Fritz!Box, but these ones are slowly and the installation is a little bit tricky for iPhone and iPad.

I didn’t want to invest several hundreds of Euros or Dollars or get a slowly one. So I looked for a cheap, but a fast one. And I found it:


I ordered the 2TB-version at amazon at round about 160 EUR!

Combined with a Gigabit Fritz!Box connected via LAN and supplemented with the two Western digital apps WD2go pro and WD photo (WD apps) you will get a fast, cheap and secure private cloud, especially if connected via VPN. Further more you can use your private cloud with your iPhone, iPad or any laptop/tablet/desktop computer.


Source: miApple.me

Stay tuned! 😉

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