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SyncToy: Easily Syncing Your NAS or Private iCloud with Your PC

Synctoy iconAs you may know, I created my own private cloud / iCloud – miCloud. I personally prefer to host my data on my own. In conjunction with my iPhone and iPad I really love the app FTP on the Go with a FTP access to my private iCloud.

So I transferred all my data from the PC (Windows 7 Home Premium) to my private iCloud. But on the one hand I want to have direct access on my PC, on the other hand I want to back up my data. To my disappointment, Windows 7 Home Premium does not have the function to access offline folders and files, meaning no sync center!

I googled a little bit around and I found SyncToy which is a freeware tool in Microsoft’s PowerToys series that provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface for synchronizing files and folders. For details, just have a look to the excellent and compact explanation of SyncToy in Wikipedia. There is a SyncToy forum, too, to get support.

I tested it, it is easy to install and setup, and it really works!

Stay tuned! 😉

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