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iStorage HD for iPad – A Terrific Tool for FTP / FTPS / SFTP, WebDav And Cloud Access

Update: iStorage 2 HD 2.4: Universal File Manager and FTP App for iPhone and iPad
iStorage iconIn contrast to that I wrote some days ago, FTP on the Go isn’t still the best app for managing my private iCloud / cloud to me. Yesterday I found something better: iStorage! There are two apps, one for the iPad (iStorage HD, version 2.0) and one for the iPhone (iStorage for Cloud, version 1.5.13, version 2.0 coming in August this year). What impressed me was that I’m now able to manage my NAS together with Dropbox, box (not yet iStorage for iPhone) and WebDav-Access in one single app.

As you may know I have two NAS-drives, one is the My Book Live, the other one is the Fritz!NAS of my Fritz!Box 6360 cable. To get the later running was a bit tricky because you have to fill in the following default values: Port “21” and Initial Path “/”

Installing My Book Live was much easier because there were no special values needed (default values in grey letters):

Maybe this differences are the reason why some people love iStorage and some blame it. But you know, the biggest issue is always the user itself…

Stay tuned! 😉

2 thoughts on “iStorage HD for iPad – A Terrific Tool for FTP / FTPS / SFTP, WebDav And Cloud Access”

  1. I have been a user of istorage for some time .When I upgraded to version 2 I can`t open my istorage app.It opens and shuts in a second no access to stored files and no ability to install new ones???

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