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SkyDrive iconDid Microsoft downgrad your SkyDrive storage from 25 GB to 7 GB, too? Then read this! I’m using SkyDrive [Update: now it is called ‘OneDrive‘] for a long while, it was my very first cloud storage and I primarily used SkyDrive to share photos with my family and friends. And what was cool with SkyDrive, was the free 25 GB of cloud storage.

Beside this, a very informative site is the SkyDrive blog [Update: SkyDrive Blog is offline and now it is called ‘OneDrive Blog’] with the latest information about SkyDrive. You can follow SkyDrive [Update: SkyDrive] on Twitter, too. If I had followed this before, I would have been informed about that a new version of SkyDrive was planned to start at the ending of April 2012. The new SkyDrive has now only a free 7 GB of storage.

Further more, there was a so-called loyality offer period until 21st of April 2012 to keep the original free 25 GB of Skydrive storage. But I wasn’t informed by Microsoft about that offer, so I missed this loyality offer period: My 25 GB were downgraded to 7 GB! I was really annoyed! I read in some blogs that there was only one automatic process to keep the 25 GB by Microsoft: If you had used more than 4 GB before 21st of April 2012 then you kept your 25 GB automatically. If you had got less, your SkyDrive was downgraded. So was me…

More than a month later I thought again about that issue and I came to the conclusion that there must be a kind of backdoor to regain the free 25 GB…

I googled intensively for a while and I found a hint in the Microsoft Answers. There is mentioned a Microsoft Skydrive billing support page. So I filled in the form and wrote that I was using SkyDrive for a long while and that I was astonished about the downgrade from 25 GB to 7 GB.

Within 12 hours I got a pleasant answer: “We have checked your e-mail account and we found out that you have already used SkyDrive before 22nd of April. Therefore, we increased your storage to 25 GB.”

That’s great!

Stay tuned! 😉

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  1. emre
    emre says:

    According to MS billing support, you did not. I’m in the same situation, I even told about your blog post, they sait it was misleading, and wrong. So no 25 gb for me here.

    • Gee Are Pabst
      Gee Are Pabst says:

      Dear emre,

      I’m sorry for you, but the information you got from the MS support concerning me is wrong: I got my 25 GB back (I’ve still got the email with the support number as an evidence!) and a lot of others got, too. You should take into account that I wrote this article on June 8, 2012! It was just a question of time when the MS support will stop this loyality option…

      Cheers and stay tuned! 😉
      Gee Are

  2. emre
    emre says:

    Yes, I missed that date too. Well they disappointed me so much. I have need of like 100 gb space, and even though they are cheaper, I will choose another service.

  3. Carina Parry
    Carina Parry says:

    Hi there,
    I also lost my 25gb storage and was wondering how i could get it back? I had 25gb way before April 2012 and was so disappointed I lost it. I’ve only just found out I can get it back, but having a hard time trying to contact and ask someone.
    Please let me know if you can change it back, thank you,


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