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VOIP and Fritzbox 7170 combined with Fritzbox 6360 cable

FRITZ! by AVM logoOn the beginning of March I changed my phone and internet provider because of performance reasons: Via cable I got a faster down and up load. Now I got a Fritzbox 6360 cable. Everything works well, but my cable internet provider disabled the Fritzbox function to make VOIP.

I found a way to solve this problem. You have to install the Fritzbox 7170 as an IP-phone at the Fritzbox 6360 cable. In the 7170 settings you are able to use the VOIP-service you want to. It’s important to mention that your standard phones should be conntected to the 7170 if you really want to get the cheap VOIP rates….;-)

In the following you will recognize that most of the documents and pictures are in German. I’m sorry but I was not able to switch the Fritzbox language to English.

Get started with the Fritzboxes:
SMSdiscount SIP-settings
Fritzbox as an IP-phone conntected to a second Fritzbox

Settings for the IP-phone “Fritzbox 7170”:


sipgate (rates):


MEGAvoip (rates):


fastVOIP (rates):


SMSdiscount (rates):


Stay tuned! 😉

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