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iPad miniStarting today, preorders of the iPad 4th generation and of the new iPad mini can be placed. But what should you order? There’s an obvious answer: It depends on what apple product you’ve already got. In the following I will give you some suggestions. But you have to be quick if you want to get the new iPad within the next couples of days (WiFi only): Apple has already sold out the initial stock of White iPad minis sold quickly in the U.S. Within the first 17 minutes, ship dates for the white iPad mini slipped to 2 weeks from the original “Delivers 11/2”. The black Wi-Fi iPad mini remains available for delivery by November 2nd. Shipment of the WiFi + Cellular models is still placed at ‘late november’.

Here we are:

  • I suggest iPhone, especially iPhone 5, owners to order an iPad 4th generation because of the too close screen size of the iPad mini. A bigger screen size is more comfortable, too.
  • If you are an Apple newbie, I would prefer the new iPad mini. In fact, it doesn’t really matter because it won’t be your last Apple product, believe me. 😉
  • But what to do if you’ve already got an iPad? I would stick to it in any case and not change to an iPad mini. As a iPad 1 or IPad 2 owner I would shift to the iPad 4th generation because of the Retina display and performance reasons (A6X-Chip inside the 4th generation iPad!).

But in any case I suggest to order the WiFi + Cellular model because of the integrated GPS module and you are more independent, too.


Stay tuned! 😉


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