Siri Remote update firmware_04_firmware version 0x0245 after updating

apple_tv_4_icon_400x400The installation of a Siri Remote firmware update is either automatically performed while both the Apple TV 4 and the Siri Remote are idle, or can be manually done. Coming along with the Apple TV 4 tvOS 9.2 update, a Siri Remote firmware update was also released adding compatibility with Samsung sound bars and improving general performance.

How to manually install a Siri Remote firmware update

Siri Remote firmware updates are manually installed via the Apple TV 4 menu ‘Remote’, hitting four times the ‘Play/Pause’ button and letting both the Apple TV 4 and Siri Remote get idle. This procedure is not very user-friendly. I do not understand why Apple did it in that way and not via a menu function.

Stay tuned! 😉

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