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miCloud – My Private iCloud: Simply Done!

I’m not really a fan of things I cannot see or touch. Therefor I’m not really a fan of cloud computing, too, but it is a very versatile tool. So I was looking for an alternative for a longer time. On the one hand there are the expensive ones: NAS-drives by, e.g., Synology. On the […]

Why Apple? Because It Just Works! Part 2

As I’ve promised, now part 2 of the story why I’ve been keen on apple products since January 21st, 2011: Soon after buying a HD7 I had to recognize that I couldn’t get all the same apps I have seen in the app store. 🙁 The biggest lack was the missing mobile navigation: Neither tomtom […]

Why Apple? Because It Just Works! Part 1

I would like to tell you more about the reasons why I change my mind completely in respect to apple and its products: On one day in December 2010 a very good friend of mine came over for a beer or two and proudly showed me his new mobile phone: The incredible huge HTC HD7 […]