Dropbox: Get 5 GB Extra Space For Free!


As you surely know you can get a total of 10 GB and 250 MB space in your dropbox without paying:

2 GB as a start (Link)
8 GB (16 GB as a student) for inviting 32 friends through referrals
250 MB (500 MB as a student) for completing 5 out of 6 steps in the “Get Started” tab on the frontpage

Further more you get get another 640 MB for social media referrals (Free Extra Space).

But the best, and with a clever trick, the simplest way to get 5 GB extra space is the following:

Install the dropbox beta version (Dropbox Beta 1.3.15) and upload the file in the Link via your mobile device. That’s it!

Stay tuned! 🙂

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