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Cubby – Cloud Service and Peer-To-Peer Service For Your ‘Private iCloud’

Cubby iconCubby is a brand new cloud service (a LogMeIn service). Up to now it is still a beta, you have to request an invitation per Email. Only a limited number of participants per day gets an invitation. It took around 1-2 days till I got the invite.

But what can Cubby do for me? After testing Cubby for a while, to me it is nearly the same like SugarSync, Dropbox, Google Drive, box.net or SkyDrive. You get a folder on your file directory on your Mac or PC and you can sync it to your iPhone or iPad. Further more, you can transform different folders to ‘cubbies’ and sync them, too (similar to SugarSync).

But that’s not all! In contrast to Dropbox, SygarSync or SkyDrive you be able to sync peer-to-peer computers without any cloud (Live Mesh will do, but limited to 5 GB). The computers which are syncing have to be online, otherwise you have to share the files and folders via the 5 GB cloud space Cubby gives you for free. This means, if you do not use the 5 GB cloud space, who got some kind of a private cloud / iCloud, your files will not be stored in the cloud. Now it is your choice what to prefer (you can change your mind when ever you like).

The setup of Cubby is very easy. First you have to install Cubby on your computer following the invite link you got per email. After that you can install it on partner computers or get the mobile apps (iOS, Android). Personally, I will enforce using cubby, especially for syncing my computers.

Stay tuned! 😉

5 thoughts on “Cubby – Cloud Service and Peer-To-Peer Service For Your ‘Private iCloud’”

  1. Hello there , can you please send me an invite as well (if you have some)! Would really appreciate it.


  2. So far I love cubby…but mac users are having a problem copying files over. Getting -50 and -36 Finder errors. The dot_clean function does not solve it. They need to make their webdav more mac file friendly. Otherwise they are a good option to NOT sync your files and have a TRUE backup in the cloud (backup in ONE DIRECTION – UP!!!)

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