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Fixing AirPort Time Capsule Randomly Turns Itself Off

Apple AirPort Time Capsule Mid 2013Learn how to fix Apple’s AirPort Time Capsule randomly turns itself off or powers down on its own, the status light went off. This problem appeared to my Time Capsule 3TB (ME182LL/A, 5th generation, mid 2013), but is also reported to Time Capsule 2TB (ME177LL/A, 5th generation, mid 2013) and AirPort Extreme (ME918LL/A, 6th generation, mid 2013) and the predecessors generations. The source of AirPort Time Capsule randomly switch itself off is either a defect device or the connection of the Time Capsule’s power cable to an AC outlet.

Fixing AirPort Time Capsule Randomly Turns Itself Off

Fixing AirPort Time Capsule Randomly Turns Itself Off

I had never have any trouble with Apple’s Airport Extreme or AirPort Time Capsule stations until I purchased the latest model, a Time Capsule 3 TB (ME182LL/A, 5th generation, mid 2013) and substituted a Time Capsule 2 TB (MD032LL/A, 4th generation, mid 2011).

From time to time, my Time Capsule 3TB (ME182LL/A, 5th generation, mid 2013) randomly turns itself off. I had to unplug it and re-plug it again. I had been wondering why the Time Capsule shuts down on its own because it does not have any ‘power off’ button. Sometimes it switched off one or two times a day, and then it has been running again for a couple of days without any issues.

I searched the web for the source of the problem. Some people reported that they brought the AirPort Extreme or AirPort Time Capsule to Apple and it was replaced. However, some other people said that the issue still persisted with the replaced one.

I checked everything I have done since I got my new Time Capsule 3TB. And yes, there was something different in my devices’ set up…

Read in the following how I fixed it:


  1. Check your power cord for defects.
  2. Check the Time Capsule’s plug correctly fits to the electrical socket.

If everything is OK, I presume that you are using a multiple outlets AC surge protector power strip and your Time Capusle’s plug is connected to that power strip.

How to fix AirPort Time Capsule randomly shuts itself down

Now the AirPort Time Capsule should not turn itself off again.

Fixing the AirPort Time Capsule from randomly turning itself off is done by unplugging from a power strip and plugging to a grounded wall outlet. A simple, but effective solution.

Stay tuned! 😉

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