Given Compatibility Of Samsung Skype Smart TV Camera STC1100 To 2012 Models

Last week a friend of mine bought a brand new 2012 model Samsung LED TV UE40ES6710 together with the Samsung Smart TV Camera CY-STC1100 with 720p HD and the Samsung Smart Wireless Keybord VG-KBD1000, especially for using Skype on TV! For more detailed information see Skype on Samsung TV.

Two things are very interesting: First, On the Skype pages there is not single Samsung TV recommended for the use of Skype on TV. Second, the Skype camera for the 2012 models, recommende by Samsung itself, is Smart TV Camera VG-STC2000, this means for the ES6710, too. The compatability list, provided by Samsung, is given in the following:

  • LED TV: 2012 EH4500, EH5300, EH5450, ES5500, ES5700, ES6100, ES6300, ES6400, ES6500, ES6700, ES6800, ES6900, ES7100, ES7200 (only for CIS); 2011 D6500, D7000, D8000, D9500
  • Plasma TV: 2012 E550, E6900, E7000; 2011 D8000

But there is one ‘minor’ 😉 Problem: The STC2000 is currently not available in Europe. Amzons reports a delivery time between 3 to 4 months! So, we’ve been looking for an alternative and we found the older model STC1100. The Smart TV Camera CY-STC1100 is compatible, as Samsung states on the product page, to “LED TV C7000 & C8000 Series, D6500 Series & above and Plasma TV D8000 Series”. The 2012 models are not mentioned in the compatibility list.

But the STC1100 works perfectly together with the ES6710. Further more, the STC1100 is much more cheaper than the STC2000 and, what is even more important: The STC1100 is available!

Stay tuned! 😉