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ownCloud – Really A Safe And Secure Private Cloud and iCloud Alternative?

Source: owncloud.com

OwnCloud offers a novel service to access, sync and share your own data on a server of your choosing, that means on your own private cloud / iCloud. OwnCloud plays with the threads of clouds services with unknown places where your data is stored. Sounds interesting, but is, on the one hand, cloud computing really so unsecure, and, on the other hand, ownCloud really safe? Some, like Pascal Junod, say the later is not…

With OwnCloud it is possible to choose the storage provider you trust or just use your own NAS. Using your own NAS: Sounds interesting, but why do I then need ownCloud? In my case, I use a My Book Live NAS and a FRITZ!NAS via VPN access over a FRITZ!box and with the File Explorer app on my iPhone and iPad. It is secure and I know where my data is stored. And it is easier to set up than ownCloud.

Taking everything into account, in my opinion ownCloud is an interesting project, but if one does not trust cloud providers and does prefer to know that his data is safe, the private cloud / iCloud is easier realized with a NAS, VPN access and an FTP app like File Explorer.

Stay tuned! 😉

4 thoughts on “ownCloud – Really A Safe And Secure Private Cloud and iCloud Alternative?”

  1. Hi thank you for tour feedback. Could you make a tutorial on how you managed toi do it?it ils note that easy since Myboolive runs on php 5.2 and owncloud needs 5.3 … in advance many thanks!

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