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IFTT logo 310x310IFTTT for iPhone and iPad update (universal) adds iOS Notifications channel. iOS Notifications are short message alerts sent to your devices. You can view notifications in the Notification Center of your iPhone or iPad. The iOS Notifications Channel sends important notifications directly to your iOS devices. Furthermore, IFTTT enables you to connect the iOS Notifications Channel to 73 different Channels.

IFTTT iOS Channels

Source: miApple.me

The iOS Notification channel completes the already existing channels iOS Contacts, iOS Location, iOS Photos and iOS Reminders. And IFTTT for Android is coming soon as stated in the IFTTT blog.

Download IFTT:

Here are some recipes  for IFTTT iOS Notifications:

IFTTT iOS Notifications Recipes

Source: miApple.me

IFTTT for iPhone and iPad app update delivers a great experience, especially now on iPad. The new iOS Notification channel was something I’ve been waiting for long. Have you already been using IFTTT on your iPhone or iPad? Comment and link your IFTTT iOS recipes here! 

Stay tuned! 😉


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