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How To Install tvOS 10 Beta Over The Air (OTA) Without USB-C

tvOS logo 320x320tvOS 10 beta can be installed over the air (“OTA”) without using a USB-C cable connected to a PC or Mac. Just download the tvOS configuration profile, install it on a Apple TV 4, restart and then update the Apple TV software. The installed configuration profile directly enables your Apple TV 4 to receive OTA updates. The new features of tvOS 10 are Live Tune-in, Single sign-on to sign in to all apps at once, a smarter Siri with third-party app integration, a Dark mode, and much more.

tVOS 10 installed over the air on Apple TV 4_dark mode

tvOS 10 installed over the air on Apple TV 4_dark mode

Installing tvOS 10 beta without USB-C over the air

Here’s how to install tvOS 10 beta OTA on an Apple TV 4:

  1. Download and save the Configuration Profile for tvOS 10 beta from Apple’s developer website to a folder on Dropbox for accessing the configuration profile on your iPhone.
  2. Go to Settings > General > Privacy on your Apple TV 4, highlight ‘Send to Apple‘ and Press the ‘Play‘-button on the Siri Remote.
  3. Click ‘Add Profile‘ and accept ‘OK‘.
  4. Delete completely the URL shown on the screen.
  5. Open the Dropbox app on your iPhone and open the folder containing the Configuration Profile.
  6. Tap the down button next to the Configuration Profile, tap ‘Send Link‘ followed by selecting ‘Copy Link‘ in the next menu.
  7. Open the Apple Remote app on your iPhone or iPad and connect to the Apple TV 4.
  8. Tap the Keyboard button on the upper left corner, paste the copied URL and replace the “0” with a “1” and press the Return key on the keyboard. The original copied link will look like  …/tvOS_10_beta_Configuration_Profile.mobileconfig?dl=0, after that like this: …/tvOS_10_beta_Configuration_Profile.mobileconfig?dl=1
  9. After the profile is added, you’ll see a request to restart the Apple TV. Tap ‘Restart Now‘.
  10. After rebooting of the Apple TV 4, go to Settings > System > Software Updates to check for new updates. You should now be able to download and install the beta. Done!


  • You need  a developer account to access and download the configuration profile (or a developer who is willing to share it), a Dropbox account a the Dropbox iOS app and the Apple TV Remote app on your iPhone or iPad for this instruction to install tvOS 10 beta over the air.
  • The advantage of installing tvOS beta OTA is that you do not need a USB-C cable and a PC or Mac.

tvOS 10 beta is easily installed over the air without any USB-C cable. Another great thing of installing tvOS 10 beta over the air in contrast to restore it via iTunes is that all your already installed apps remain there. 

Stay tuned! 😉



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