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Update: MetaWatch Manager 1.3 And Firmware 1.5 Updates Pushing All iOS 7 Notifications

MetaWatch LogoThe latest MetaWatch Manager 1.2.5 update fails to connect to the MetaWatch. Up to version 1.2.4 the MetaWatch Manager worked perfectly on the latest iOS 7 beta. This means the reason for that problem is located in the MetaWatch Manager. But I found a fix to restore MetaWatch Manager version 1.2.4. This fix works if there is version 1.2.4 somewhere left on your computer.

Here’s how to fix it:

  1. Stop automated updates on your iPhone: go to ‘Settings’, ‘iTunes & App Store’ and switch off ‘Updates’ in the section ‘Automatic Downloads’. This step is essential to avoid the automated update to MetaWatch Manager version 1.2.5.
  2. Open iTunes on your computer, go to ‘Preferences’, ‘Store’ and deactivate ‘Automatic Download’ for apps.



  3. If MetaWatch Manager 1.2.5 has already been installed, delete it from your iPhone.
  4. If MetaWatch Manager 1.2.5 has already been downloaded in iTunes to to your trash on your computer and look for the file ‘MetaWatch 1.2.4.ipa’ and restore it.
  5. Look for ‘MetaWatch 1.2.5.ipa’ in your iTunes library (you will find it here: /Users/Your Username/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications) and delete it. Put ‘MetaWatch 1.2.4.ipa’ instead of version 1.2.5 in this folder (if it is not already there).
  6. Connect your iPhone with iTunes (Don’t sync it!) and install ‘MetaWatch 1.2.4.ipa’ by clicking ‘Install’ on the app in the section ‘Apps’.
  7. Sync your iPhone.
  8. Now MetaWatch Manager version 1.2.4 is installed on your iPhone again. You have to set up your MetaWatch in the app again.

Now you recovered MetaWatch Manager 1.2.4 and connecting your MetaWatch with your iPhone should work again!

Stay tuned! 😉

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  1. Mitchel I Friedman
    Mitchel I Friedman says:

    I have a meta watch but cant find the app for my iphone. Is there any way to get it? or is there another app that will work? thanks

    • Gee Are Pabst
      Gee Are Pabst says:

      Hi Daniel,

      The company has “ceased business operations” according to their automatic email response. Also their website has been taken over by a new party.

      Also the app was taken off the app store. Hence, I see not any option to get the app.

      Gee Are


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