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Setting Up iCloud Calendar in Windows 8 Mail App [Updates]

Update: How To Sync iCloud Calendar With Windows 10 Calendar App
Windows 8 logoSome days ago I describe a solution to set up iCloud email in Windows 8 mail app. Setting up the iCloud calendar in Windows 8 mail app is not that easy and only ‘read only’ is possible. The solution is to subscribe to your own iCloud calendar in your outlook.com or Windows Live account. Syncing Google Calendar (Gmail) with Windows 8 mail app via ‘read only’ is also possible: Setting Up Google Calendar Syncing In Windows 8 Calendar App.

Here we are:

  • Go to http://www.iCloud.com, login, choose calendar, click on the ‘WiFi’-like Logo next to the calendar you want to see in Windows mail app, choose public calendar, send link to your outlook.com or Windows Live email address
  • Login to outlook.com or Windows Live account, go to calendar in the PC website view, click on ‘subscribe’, choose a calendar name and paste the iCloud calendar link

That’s it! Now you should see the iCloud calendar in the Windows mail app.


Stay tuned 😉

33 thoughts on “Setting Up iCloud Calendar in Windows 8 Mail App [Updates]”

  1. That seems to be very easy. But I still have a problem with the last step: Where do I find the iCloud calendar link? By sending the iCloud-calendar on my live account, I just get asked whether I want to join the calendar. But I can´t find a link in the email.
    Thank´s for your answer

    1. You have to choose ‘public calendar’ and not ‘private calendar’ on iCloud.com because ‘private calendar’ works only between Apple accounts. If you use ‘public calendar’ you’ll be able to send the link per email to yourself. After that, copy the link and put it in the mail app as described.

      Gee Are

  2. I did this, but I can’t new events that I enter in my icloud calendars to show up in the Outlook.com calendar. The events that are already there will show up when I initially subscribe, but then no new entries will show up. Thanks!

    1. That’s curious….
      Maybe you chose another calendar in your iPhone/iPad/Mac, e.g. a local one which is not synced in the iCloud. Could you check this?

      1. I pulled the sharing url from icloud calendar online and pasted it when prompted when I subscribed in outlook.com. Seems like I’m doing something wrong that most people don’t encounter, because I can’t find support for this particular problem anywhere.

            1. You gave up a little bit too early! Go back again to your email:
              On iPhone/iPad: Touch and hold your finger on the button until the option button appears. Choose ‘Copy’….
              On a PC: Move with the mouse cursor on the button, then right click on the mouse. Choose ‘Copy the Link’…
              That”s it! 😉

                1. Have been updated or added to the schedule 1 of 12 appointments. There is a problem with one or more appointments. This is the message in live calendar

                        1. @Luca: Your screen shots look correctly. Therefore I checked my public iCloud calendar right now and I’ve got sync problems, too! It seems to be a recent general issue. Maybe we’ve have to wait for a while…
                          I will analyze the problem and come back with information as soon as possible!

                      1. Update 01/25/2013: It seems that there is an issue in the iCloud concerning the subscription of ‘public’ Cloud calendars:
                        I checked my iCloud caledar subscription on outlook.com and on google.com calendar. In both cases the synchronisation does not work! This means it is an iCloud problem.
                        I’ll keep you updated…

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