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Update: How To Sync iCloud Calendar With Windows 10 Calendar App
Windows 8 logoSome days ago I describe a solution to set up iCloud email in Windows 8 mail app. Setting up the iCloud calendar in Windows 8 mail app is not that easy and only ‘read only’ is possible. The solution is to subscribe to your own iCloud calendar in your or Windows Live account. Syncing Google Calendar (Gmail) with Windows 8 mail app via ‘read only’ is also possible: Setting Up Google Calendar Syncing In Windows 8 Calendar App.

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Windows 8 logo“AirPort Extreme can turn your external USB hard drive into a drive you can share with all the users on your network and access securely over the Internet. This feature — AirPort Disk — is a simple and convenient way to share files among everyone in your family, office, or class. How does it work? Just connect the external hard drive to the USB port on the back of your AirPort Extreme and — voilà — all the documents, videos, photos, and other files on the drive instantly become available to anyone on the secure network, Mac and PC users alike.” – Well, that’s the Apple Theory, but on the Windows reality it is not that simple…

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Windows 8Do you have sometimes the need to have a FAT32 formatted hard drive? Don’t you? If you’ve got Apple devices beside Microsoft ones, you will have the need! But there are some issues to overcome: On the one hand Windows 8 will only give you the opportunity of formatting NTFS and exFAT, on the other hand most FAT32 apps will only format up to 32 GB.

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iCloud logoOne week ago I successfully upgraded my Acer Aspire 1810T to Windows 8. On the one hand everything seems to works well, I think there are significant performance improvements, too. On the other hand some little anoying issues came up: The Windows Mail App isn’t able to show tasks (I will report on this issue in the next days) and Outlook 2010 does not show any iCloud contacts or tasks.

And it is like any problem: I’m not alone, there are many people which struggle with the same issue. It seems that so many of you have got trouble that Apple released a support document: After you upgrade to Windows 8, the iCloud Control Panel 2.0 requires you to re-enter your password. When you open Outlook 2007 or 2010, you can still see your iCloud folders, but you may also see an alert message:

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After I had installed Windows 8 on my Acer Aspire 1810T, I was very excited testing iTunes on Windows 8 because some reported issues with it. But up to now I can only report positive results:

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Update: Setting Up iCloud Email on Windows 10 Mail App
Update: Setting Up iCloud Email In Windows 8.1 Mail App
Setting up iCloud email in Windows 8 mail app is not that simple, especially, because certain support documents of Apple or Microsoft are not correct in all details. Very important are the SSL-settings mentioned in the later text.

Here we are:

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Windows 8 logoMy Acer Aspire 1810T was running with Windows 7 till 3 days ago. Bought in 2009 I was very confident with Windows 7, but the first performance problems started nearly exactly one year after I had purchased my Aspire 1810T. And there was no ending in sight. Therefore, I have been very keen on installing Windows 8 on my Acer Aspire 1810T. I installed it three days ago and it works!