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‘The Pencil’ Stylus: WOPEX Pencil Stylus For iPhone, iPad And Co.

The Pencil Stylus Logo‘The Pencil’ Stylus is an innovative pencil stylus made from STAEDTLER’s novel WOPEX material (Wood Pencil Extrusion) containing extruded natural wood fibres (PEFC certified) and is part of STAEDTLER’s new PREMIUM line of writing instruments. ‘The Pencil’ is a ‘5-in-1’ product: A graphite pencil, a stylus, an eraser, a sharpener and a pencil extender. ‘The Pencil’ is suitable for all devices with a capacitive touch display like Apple’s iPhone or iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy line. The stylus pen tip is made from a new, conductive material. Notably, ‘The Pencil’ is ‘Made in Germany’.

1. Unboxing the ‘The Pencil’ Set: The Set contains 3 graphite pencils made from innovative WOPEX material and a ‘3 in 1’ cap that functions as

  • a pencil extender
  • a sharpener and
  • an eraser tip.

‘The Pencil’ stylus is a bit heavier than conventional wood case graphite pencils, this gives ‘The Pencil’ a high-quality feeling. When you touch ‘The Pencil’, it feels a bit cool, but within some seconds ‘The Pencil’ adapts your hand temperature. This is due to its conductive WOPEX material.

In contrast to the weight of ‘The Pencil’, the cap is made of light-weighted silver-colored plastics and comprises a pencil sharpener and an eraser. The eraser is accessed by turning off the plastic top of the cap. To sharpen ‘The Pencil’, hold the cap on the button and just turn the other end a quarter: The sharpener slot is open. Make a reverse turn to close the sharpener.

2. Using the stylus functionality of ‘The Pencil’

‘The Pencil’ stylus works with all capacitive touch screens. I tested it on my iPhone 4S and iPad air and the stylus functions perfectly as expected: Precise and direct response to the touch screen combined with a slight grip on the screen, ideal for scrolling.

3. Using ‘The Pencil’ as classic graphite pencil on paper

My very first impression was that I could not see any crumbs on the white paper. Further more, ‘The Pencil’ has a soft gliding over the paper and the handwriting is clear and of constant quality.

4. How much does ‘The pencil’ cost and where to buy it?

The recommended retail price of ‘The Pencil’ set (item number 9PTP581SET) is 38,00 EUR / 69,00 US-$. ‘The Pencil’ set is already available, e.g. through Amazon:

Taking everything into account, ‘The Pencil’ stylus is a perfect combination of a conventional pencil with superior writing properties and a stylish stylus. For using drawing and writing apps on your iDevice, you get the natural feeling of a real wooden pencil, thus you are using the stylus pen tip.

Stay tuned! 😉