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miApple.me’s 2nd Anniversary: The Top Ten Posts Of 2013

miappleme_Big_1Today, I have blogged for two years and this is my 150th post on miApple.me! I published my first blog post “My First Apple Anniversary on January 21st, 2012!” on miApple.me on January 21st, 2012. Exactly three years after I got addicted to the Apple world (my first Apple product was a iPhone 4), I can look back to a very exciting year 2013. Although the first year of miApple.me was more successful that I would have ever expected, the 2nd year was even better. I will give you a summary about the last year in the following.

First of all, here are the top ten posts on miApple.me of the last year:

  1. AirParrot 1.1.3 On Windows 8: AirPlay Mirroring PC’s Screen On Apple TV Failed Partly (24,384 pageviews)
  2. Setting Up iCloud Email In Windows 8 Mail App (20,524 pageviews)
  3. Formatting Hard Drives With FAT32 On Windows 8 (18,084 pageviews)
  4. How To Install WhatsApp On iPad Without Jailbreak (15,081 pageviews)
  5. Installing PlexConnect On Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 After Apple TV Update (12,822 pageviews)
  6. Fixing iTunes 11 Crashes On Windows 8 And Windows 8.1 (12,565 pageviews)
  7. iTunes 11 Running On Windows 8 (11,387 pageviews)
  8. Setting Up iCloud Calendar in Windows 8 Mail App (10,576 pageviews)
  9. Setting Up Google Calendar Sync In Windows 8 With Outlook 2010 And 2013 (10,348 pageviews)
  10. AirPlay: Shairport4w Running On Windows 8 (9,664 pageviews)

In the following some facts of the 2nd year:

miApple.me visits and pageviews from January 21, 2013 to January 20, 2014

Source: miApple.me


  • Google Page Rank 2 (@Google: Should be better… 😉 )
  • Alexa Rank 554,510 (dated January 20, 2014)
  • 220,293 unique visitors
  • 366,660 page views
  • 150 posts (all-time)
  • 840 comments (all-time)
  • day with most visitors (1,997) and pageviews (2,954) on September 21, 2013

But from which country are my visitors coming from? Okay, it is obvious that an English blog will mainly gain its visitors from the native English-speaking countries. Despite this, more than 55% of the visitors in the top-ten came from non-natively English-speaking countries.

Country rank 1 to 5:

miApple.me country visits, rank 1 to 5, from January 21, 2013 to January 20, 2014

Source: miApple.me


Country rank 6 to 10:

miApple.me country visits, rank 6 to 10, from January 21, 2013 to January 20, 2014

Source: miApple.me


My latest status quo about my Apple product portfolio: My Apple Products, Status Quo November 21, 2013: New iPad Air

I would like to thank you all: My readers, commentators, subscribers and followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and on any other social media! Last, but not least, I thank my family, especially my parents for giving me the opportunities to get addicted to the computer and internet world (a Commodore C 64 was indeed the better choice than a BMX bicycle 😉 ) and my wife for accepting that I’m spending a lot of my spare time for blogging! 😉

Stay hungry! …and stay tuned! 😉

Yours sincerely,

Gee Are

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